25 Jan 2013

Weekend project,spring in a pot.


Its cold outside, there maybe snow on the ground, but fear not, there are signs that spring is on its way!  Yesterday while in town we popped into a florist shop to have a look at flowers and get ideas for my daughters forth coming marriage in the summer, and while there I spotted some pretty little flower pot arrangements  with spring bulbs in them, and I thought to myself  how easy it would be to put one of these together myself....so....ta-dah!
I already had most of what was needed, just had to pick up some bulbs which I found in a £ shop, and the moss just happened to be growing nicely on a brick in the garden so this little pot cost me all of £1.00, not bad really when at the florist they are being sold for about £6.00

Tip. I used double sided sticky tape to keep the ribbon in place, otherwise it tends to slip down the tin.

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  1. Love it! Will have to make some for my front window ledge!


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