22 Jan 2013

simple display + storage

Run out of draw space for all your bangles bracelets and belts?  how about this idea from the team at IKEA Livet Hemma, this ladder style display is actually the end panel from the IVAR side unit, painted black with the center rungs left untreated in solid pine, it makes for a perfect place to store and display your favorite accessories.
The MULIG valet stand, in stylish black color, is a  happy discovery for all  who love black, and for those of us who at the end of the day don't always manage to hang up our clothes as we should do....or for the supper organised who like to have their days out fits at the ready first thing in the morning. 

1 comment:

  1. Great idea, love the top photo, I would so use this for draping clothes over. :-)


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