29 Jan 2013

Hello sofa, I think I love you....

I think I have fallen for this grey sofa spotted over on Alvhem website, (always a great source of inspiration, loving the wooden floor boards throughout this apartment too).
We currently have two very red sofa's dominating our living room and i would love to change them for something a little easier to decorate around, red is not a colour to be ignored.  Grey on the other hand lends it self to a much  calmer colour palette i think, though it doesn't have to be boring, and i still love how the grey and purple work in this scheme that I posted about a while ago.  This sofa  by Made.com is a close contender in colour and style, but I really have fallen for the one above....


  1. I was looking for a sofa inspiration and I stumbled upon your. I like the color and design of your sofa. It looks very functional. Did you design your place on your own? I like how you put together the pieces too.

    1. Hi Teresa, no this space isn't mine (if only!) its taken from the Alvhem website, check out the link in the first sentence above.


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