8 Dec 2012

Weekend Reads.

Photography Nicole Dufour Durocher

Photography Nicole Dufour Durocher
Photography Nancy Fouts

 I slept in until 9.30 this morning, pure bliss don't you just love the weekends?  If you are lucky enough to get some down time this weekend then might I suggest stealing your self away with a mug of tea and your laptop to check out a new on line magazine called Curio (Its the reason why I slept in this morning, I was checking in out late last night)  Its a little different to a lot of the interiors/lifestyle magazines that are out there at the moment, I would describe it as wordy and grown up, (I'm the first to admit that in the words of Andy Warhole I never read, I just look at  pictures) but if you want a little more from an on line magazine then  interior eye candy, this one could be the one for you,  but fear not its still got great photography and interiors inspiration among its pages,  the launch issue includes interviews with Tara Heber‐Percy (Mr & Mrs Smith), Nicola Beauman (Persephone Books), Daphne Javitch (TEN Undies), interiors stylist and designer Faye Toogood, as well as an article on taxidermy, would you have a loved one stuffed? we are talking animals here,  maybe not for every one, but it makes for some interesting photography.

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