12 Dec 2012

New Simply Crochet magazine

Just the other day while on Pinterest I spotted this lovely little crochet project and thought that I would love to have a go at creating  it, I think its the fact that it is crocheted out of parcel string that caught my attention. But when it comes to the art of crocheting, well I have never mastered it, my Gran was a total wizz at it, and she had a good go at trying to teach me when I was younger but I never managed to get it.  But as crocheting is seeing quite a revival recently i thought  I might give it a go again, and then just yesterday up pops this new magazine, Simple Crochet in my email box, a new monthly magazine from the makers of Mollie makes which will be available to buy on the 10th of January, to take a peek visit here.


  1. Good luck with learning the art of crochet! It is rather calming during stressful times. And always productive and fun to work with colours too.


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