4 Dec 2012

Lamp shade pimp.

Hello folks, well I'm finally hooked up to the internet again-yeah! We had some rather high winds just over a week ago which took out our phone line and the broad band, so I have been unable to get on the internet, and I'll tell you something, I have discovered that its not easy going cold turkey and having to go with out it for so long! Talk about pacing up and down waiting for the phone engineer to turn up, still it could of been a lot worse, we could of suffered flooding like so many people have had to put up with just lately, having to go with out the internet isn't really that bad when I think about it, and the up side is I actually got around to doing the odd job around the house that I have been meaning to do. Hubby and I finally plucked up the courage to change the light fitting in the living room which meant switching off the electric and re-wiring the fitting to take a new lamp shade, I picked up quite a large over sized shade from a charity shop ages ago with the aim of sewing on some pretty beads and mother of pearl buttons, just like I did here to the living room blinds, and as you can see from the photo above I think it turned out quite nicely. Speaking of photos, it would appear that I have run out of space on blogger, and am currently unable to add any more photos, has anyone else had this problem? In order to carry on I have to buy more storage, and as I don't actually make any money from blogging (apart from the odd Google add) i'm a bit reluctant to have to pay for it, so it looks like my blogging days are numbered until I find another way of adding photos.

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