9 Nov 2012

Winter warmers...

Images Livet Hemma photography Roland Persson, styling Elin Astrom

When its cold outside, there is nothing more comforting then coming home to hearty warming meal shared with family is there?  As the weather has started to get a bit chillier I have been trying my hand at cooking stews for the family, I love one pot recipe's, just prepare throw into a pot and cook slowly for a few hours, the house gradually fills with  warming aroma's throughout the day and the promise of satisfied and full belly...


  1. Love the photography -- beautiful light and colours!

  2. I would look to create more soups/stews ... they always feel so comforting! Ur beautiful pics r inspiring me to head to the kitchen! I may start with a can soup (but hey, it's a start right!!!!)

    1. I tried making this stew for my family this week, it was lovely, pop on over to Livet Hemma blog for the recipe, but go easy on the red wine vinegar, its a bit strong.

  3. That looks absolutely perfect. I'm having chilli for lunch today, but it doesn't look nearly that good!


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