2 Nov 2012

Office/bedroom make over update.

So here for you is a little update, and where I'm at with the office make over now that the wedding has been and gone and my daughter has moved out....or so I thought, just when   the office/sewing room was in sight..... it looks like it might be more of a bedroom then an office after all, family life is nothing if not unpredictable at times, my eldest daughter has decided to move back in for a while, at least until she gets married next August, (she is doing up  the flat down stairs and is still without a bathroom) and my youngest daughter who has just got married will in fact be visiting home quite a bit with new Hubby in tow, as they don't currently have a permanent home of their own yet, looking for a flat that is affordable has been harder than expected so for now they are in a holiday let/house sitting for family friends of my son-in-law (now there's something I have to get use to saying - son-in-law)

Anyways, with the room empty i decided to give it a fresh coat of white paint to brighten it up, and I had been thinking of painting the floor boards a nice dark grey shade of paint, but when I pulled up the carpet, some of the boards are covered in some kind of carpet glue, and aren't in as good a condition as I had hoped, so for now the old one goes back down.  We now have to add a small double bed into the room as well, and I'm thinking of going with pallet boards as a base for the bed as seen in the Bodie and Fou magazine, but so far I can't convince my daughter that this is a great idea....

.....the make over continues....

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