8 Nov 2012

I'm trying out....

To be frank, when it comes to DIY around here, well lets just say that my darling Hubby is a DIY phobic, sure he has his own tool box filled to the brim with stuff, which I might add I'm not aloud to touch, so alot of the time it falls on me to tackle DIY around the home, and  I think its only fair that I should have my own set of tools don't you agree?  Enter stage left Tomboy Tools UK,  they very kindly sent me a few thing to check out and to be frank (again) these pink tools had me at hello, YES! I thought to myself a set of tools that I don't have to ask permission to use! and in a lovely pink colour that wont be claimed by the men folk in my family. Why is it that they are very sensitive about their tool box, but sooo reluctant to use it??

Anyway, Tomboy Tools (not really mad about the name, but can't think of anything else i would call them) have arrived in the UK, and are set to empower woman to tackle DIY tasks them selves.  The tools have been designed  in response to the growing demand by women wanting their own quality tools in pink. The tools have been ergonomically designed for the female hand and lighter in weight so easier to handle, having used a couple of the paint brushes over the last week in the office make over that turned into a bedroom make over, I can confirm that the brushes are very easy to handle and great for cutting in and reaching behind hard to paint areas such as pipe work, the tough plastic handle is also easy to clean, so looking better for longer.  the 13oz  magnetic head  hammer is of good quality and even my Dad gave it his nod of approval before commenting that he won't be tempted to use it on site (he is a building inspector) Result!
All in all I give Tomboy Tools a big thumbs up even if I'm not convinced of the name...
Check out the US site here for more info about the company and how they are helping woman everywhere to take on the DIY around the home.

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  1. These Tomboy Tools look fantastic - what a great idea! Not a fan of the colour, but am a fan of making tools more accessible and less intimidating.


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