7 Nov 2012

Change of plans....

As you can see from the photos, I didn't quite get the office/craft room that I was hoping for, and I have to admit to being a little disappointed about this, but we had a last minute change of plans as I mentioned previously, one daughter moved out the other moved back in.... daughters needs are greater than mine and I can live with that, and wait a little while longer for my little creative space to finally come about.  But in the time that I had, I gave everything a quick coat  of paint to freshen it up, put up some pictures prints and photos, and added the bed minus the wooden pallets that I had planned, and daughter moved back in, at the end of the day a home is nothing without the people in it, and a home filled with love and laughter...



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  2. Yep, the most valuable treasures in our homes are the people in it :) And hey, maybe you can set up a temp office/craft area in your living room or bedroom.


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