20 Nov 2012

Adding light and warmth to your home.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of winter, there is always far too much rain for my liking, and I hate the fact that its starting to get dark around 4.30ish, so lighting in my home is important, not just so that I can see what I'm doing, but also for creating a nice bit of ambiance in my favourite rooms, so today I'm sharing some tips from Joanna Bolt, head of trends at Homebase,  on  how to create a cosy   warm and light  home this winter, using different lighting techniques  and a few well chosen  accessories.   

.....and here's a few of my favourite items from the clip, sparkly beaded lights that...well.. just sparkle, over sized light bulbs, such a huge trend at the moment, and who could not fall in love with this little family of owls to make any hall way more welcoming? 

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  1. I totally agree, if anyone suffers 'sad syndrome' its me. But it is nice to have an excuse to cosy up and have dinner by candle light. Rooms can be transformed by adding a stunning chandelier, candelabra, or even a mirror to reflect light around a room.


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