14 Mar 2012

Spring flower displays


I have a confession to make - I have never been very good at growing and  looking after house plants, I always manage to kill them off, which is one of the reasons that I prefer a pretty bunch of fresh cut flowers, much easier to look after, and  great for adding instant colour and cheer to a room,  and this time of year there are plenty to choose from.  Do you have favorite flower?  For me certain flowers remind me of certain things or people, carnations remind me of my Hubby and how he use to buy me little bunches when we where first dating,  my Mum use to love roses and we always had rose bushes growing in the garden, (I didn't inherent her green fingers) and tulips - well tulips from Amsterdam, though I have never been, its just that saying.  

Do you have a favorite way of displaying your flowers,  a certain vase or pretty jug that you like to use? Above are few ways of displaying your blooms, I think the tea cup would look pretty on a bed side table, or a bathroom window maybe, in any case a bunch of flowers always make a person and a room feel special don't they. 
For more tips on looking after cut flower visit Funny How Flowers Do That, a site produced by the Flower Council of Holland 

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