27 Feb 2012

Subway tiles and Parquet Flooring.

Two stylish and practical decorating looks that I am currently loving, are subway tiles and wooden parquet flooring. Once you get past the London underground public toilet thing, subway tiles can work well for both a traditional and a modern look, and can add character to kitchens and bathroom. 
Parquet flooring, probably associated more with older properties is also becoming more popular, and laying one is a great way of adding warmth and charm to a room, and also work well with old and new. 

 We have cats at home who often bring  the odd little gift for me, in the form of something dead and usually slightly bloody, and I regularly wish that we had flooring other than a light beige carpet in the lounge, so on a practical level Parquet flooring which is durable and hard wearing could make a great choice for cat owners.

 Always a great source for inspiration, Alvhem Interiors show off subways tiles and parquet flooring to great effect in this apartment, though this is already a characterful building, I could see both subway tiles and parquet flooring working in a  modern home, especially where a focal point or a bit of charm is lacking.

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