18 Feb 2012

Spring time colours

Heading into the Weekend and I can't help but feel all feminine and girly.  Out of all the Seasons, spring is by far the most Feminine seasons  don't you think? with its delicate blooms and pretty pink flowers you can't help but give into your girly side, and I am noticing a fair bit of pink about for spring 2012, just perfect for injecting some life back into the home after the winter.
While I'm not really into the whole floral and flowers look for my home, I do like the use of pink here and there such as  a pink haze (photo one) created  using a soft voile curtains at the window.  Flowers, always a quick way to add some instance colour to a room, I love how these tuplips have been grouped  together to add impact using the 3 subtle colour changes lilac, pale pink and white, and who wouldn't love to walk across that lovely tiled floor, it reminds me of day trips to France where all the homes have tiled floors, though not as pretty as these ones.

Image 1  Nina Broberg/IKEA Livet Hemma
Image 3  Nina Broberg/IKEA Livet Hemma
Image 4 Rose des Vent Tiles by Zazous

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