29 Feb 2012

Reader redesign. Retro makeover.

Today I want to share with you a reader redesign, (which is a first I think on This Home Sweet Home) Francesca sent me these photos of a mahogany chest of drawers that she has completely transformed,    (unfortunately she didn't take a before photo, but I think you get the idea) Painted using William Morris specialist paint in teal and covered in stripes and flowers I think you'll agree that it looks lovely.  This piece is a one off piece, part of what Francesca is calling 'Morph Furniture' this piece being from the  Retro Chic Collection which she intends to add to with more items  over time.

Lovely fresh green and blues,  perfect to grace a bedroom. 

If you are looking for something different and unique for your bedroom, but don't have time or want to   take on this kind of thing yourself, then you are in luck,  Francesca is looking to sell this piece of furniture which  has 5 drawers and lovely high quality pretty  knobs that add the finishing touch, so practical and stylish at the same time.  If you would like more info just email me at thishomesweethome@yahoo.co.uk and I'll pass on your details, as currently Francesca hasn't got a  website.

If you have a reader redesign that you would like to share, because we all  love a great makeover, feel free to email some photos, but be sure to take a great before and after shot wont you.

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