20 Feb 2012

Happy Monday!

Hello all, did you have a fab weekend? I spent mine  updating an old photo frame by giving it a spray paint make over, eating too many cakes that my daughter baked, (the before baked shot is above,  they didn't stick around long enough for an after baking shot)  and treating myself to a lovely glass jar by Bloomingville, from my local garden center Ransoms.  The spring/summer Bloomingville  catalog  looks lovely as usual, have you had a look? lots to be tempted by....

On the blog front, I have been making a few updates, some new links added to the links page, and I have updated the FAQ page, which is mainly for PR enquirers, it would help me greatly if you could please check out this page before sending emails to me, while I love getting your emails and enquirers, if you could just check out that page first, it would save me having to email back on similar questions multiple times.  The most often asked question is about being a  Guest Blogger, which is now answered here, question 6.  So with this in mind, I am going to introduce a new Guest Blogger spot, (I have done interview posts before) which will be on an invite only basis to start with, and I have my first Guest Blogger all lined up for you and ready to go, so check back later to see who she is! 

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