3 Feb 2012

Getting Organised.

Its Friday already, how did that happen?  I have to confess to being a bit distracted this week, recently my Hubby bought me a new lap top, yeah!, (no more being crammed into the corner of the living room on my computer with not much space!) and I have been trying to reorganize everything so that I can get rid of  move the computer desk out of the living room, and move these units along the wall to sit more centrally, I have a thing about everything being straight and central, which living in the house that we currently do, is not that easy as we don't have a straight wall in the house, it can be very frustrating, just when you think you got it plumb.....
So I'm up for a bit of moving things around and finding ways of storing bits and pieces, like leads for the computer, pens and pencils etc,  so the tin cans that I spray painted way back here, a plant pot, and a black tray that actually started out as packing for a pancake set,  are being put to good use as storage. And as I haven't done any DIY projects since I painted my dresser, I''m getting a little bit restless and on the hunt for something to transform....
So with the cold weather that is  heading our  way this weekend, it looks like I might be staying in and seeing what DIY mischief I can get up too. Do you have anything to tackle this weekend?

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