29 Feb 2012

Reader redesign. Retro makeover.

Today I want to share with you a reader redesign, (which is a first I think on This Home Sweet Home) Francesca sent me these photos of a mahogany chest of drawers that she has completely transformed,    (unfortunately she didn't take a before photo, but I think you get the idea) Painted using William Morris specialist paint in teal and covered in stripes and flowers I think you'll agree that it looks lovely.  This piece is a one off piece, part of what Francesca is calling 'Morph Furniture' this piece being from the  Retro Chic Collection which she intends to add to with more items  over time.

Lovely fresh green and blues,  perfect to grace a bedroom. 

If you are looking for something different and unique for your bedroom, but don't have time or want to   take on this kind of thing yourself, then you are in luck,  Francesca is looking to sell this piece of furniture which  has 5 drawers and lovely high quality pretty  knobs that add the finishing touch, so practical and stylish at the same time.  If you would like more info just email me at thishomesweethome@yahoo.co.uk and I'll pass on your details, as currently Francesca hasn't got a  website.

If you have a reader redesign that you would like to share, because we all  love a great makeover, feel free to email some photos, but be sure to take a great before and after shot wont you.

27 Feb 2012

Subway tiles and Parquet Flooring.

Two stylish and practical decorating looks that I am currently loving, are subway tiles and wooden parquet flooring. Once you get past the London underground public toilet thing, subway tiles can work well for both a traditional and a modern look, and can add character to kitchens and bathroom. 
Parquet flooring, probably associated more with older properties is also becoming more popular, and laying one is a great way of adding warmth and charm to a room, and also work well with old and new. 

 We have cats at home who often bring  the odd little gift for me, in the form of something dead and usually slightly bloody, and I regularly wish that we had flooring other than a light beige carpet in the lounge, so on a practical level Parquet flooring which is durable and hard wearing could make a great choice for cat owners.

 Always a great source for inspiration, Alvhem Interiors show off subways tiles and parquet flooring to great effect in this apartment, though this is already a characterful building, I could see both subway tiles and parquet flooring working in a  modern home, especially where a focal point or a bit of charm is lacking.

24 Feb 2012

Decorating Inspiration from Alvhem.

Since discovering the Alvhem Estates and Interiors website I make a point of dropping by and checking out the latest apartments on a regular basis,  as there is always plenty to be inspired by, like this recent offering currently for sale in  Linnéstaden. 
I really like the open plan kitchen dining and living area, but I love the finishing touches and details that bring this whole look together, mid century modern dining table and chairs  meets dramatic and glitzy Chandelier, bold wall paper and splash back that reflects the light and adds interest, a wonky mirror hangs at a slant to add fun and quirkiness, throw in plenty of fabrics textures and it all equals a winning formula in my book.

A large rug helps define the seating area and creates a place to relax and chill with a favorite film, while the photos and pictures help break up the expanse of white wall, and the mirror adds a bit of fun, could you resits the temptation  to straighten it up though? 

Anything catch your eye here?  For more  apartments and inspiration check out the Alvhem website, but be warned you will loose time here daydreaming.

22 Feb 2012

Simple spray paint make over.

As  I mentioned on Monday, I got busy with a can of spray paint over the weekend and gave a dark brown wooden picture frame  a simple  update by spraying a few coats of gloss black paint.  It does take about a day to do as you have to allow each layer to dry, but I'm pleased with the finish.   The print I down loaded ages ago from here, and just printed it out in black and white.So there you have it, a simple make over with spray paint.

The glass jar is by Bloomingville 

20 Feb 2012

Guest Blogger Marianne, Nordic Bliss.

As promised earlier on today, I would like to introduce Guest Blogger, Marianne from Nordic Bliss blog and owner of  her online shop,  I'm very excited to be able to have Marianne here today, as I have been following her blog for a while now and watching as her new online venture unfolds,  I'm sure you will find Marianne's  post an inspiration and pleasure to read,  Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Marianne and I've been given the honour to be a guest blogger on This Home Sweet Home. You probably haven't heard of me before so I thought I would start with an introduction. I'm 26 years old and was born in the very North of Norway, up where the sun doesn't shine in the winter and never sets in the summer. After 5 years in Norway our family moved to Sweden, then we moved to Denmark, then we moved back to Sweden, and then (I know, I know, I've written "moved" too many times already) about 5 years ago I decided to move to England to study bringing my Swedish boyfriend with me.

Photographer Ditte Isager

Since then I've finished my studies and gotten married to that Swedish boy. Together we have started to become quite settled here in the UK. Furnishing and decorating our little flat and the rest of the process of creating a home has sparked my interest in interiors and designs. For years I could sit for hours looking through lovely blogs and interior magazines to get inspiration for our own place.

Picture from Alvhem

As I was hunting for pieces for our home I didn't always find what I had in mind and other times when I did find something I liked it was not in a price range of a newly graduated young couple. Being a bit of an optimist who starts projects without realising just how much work is involved I decided to start my own shop - Nordic Bliss (and after convincing my other half that this was a great way to spend our savings). It's our little space online where we sell carefully selected yet affordable products from Nordic brands. I try to focus on smaller brands that are not high street but have potential to become great. So far we have products from Hubsch, Madam Stoltz, Lapland W Design, Ylva Skarp and Shyness.

Pictures from Boligmagasinet and DesignoForm

I've collected a few products that would help keep me warm these cold winter days.

1. Pillow from Fine Little Day 2. Wall paper from Bodie and Fou 3. Teapot and Cup by Höganäs from The Lollipop Shoppe 4. Wool rug from Nordic Bliss 5. Felt basket from Nordic Bliss 6. Log side table from West Elm

It has taken time to find out what "my" style is and of course I have moments when I fall in love with pieces that wouldn't really go well with anything else in our home. But after years of searching I've come to realise that there is a deep rooted Scandi inside me (surprise!). I want white bright rooms - a Scandi cliché perhaps, but as I mentioned - the sun doesn't come up in the winter - we need all the light we can get. Details in natural materials such as cotton and linen and pieces and accents in wood to bring nature inside.

Picture from Livet Hemma (Ikea Live)

I also blog so if you want to see more pictures like these here you are welcome to visit me there.

Thanks once again to Marianne for kindly agreeing to be my Guest Blogger today.

Happy Monday!

Hello all, did you have a fab weekend? I spent mine  updating an old photo frame by giving it a spray paint make over, eating too many cakes that my daughter baked, (the before baked shot is above,  they didn't stick around long enough for an after baking shot)  and treating myself to a lovely glass jar by Bloomingville, from my local garden center Ransoms.  The spring/summer Bloomingville  catalog  looks lovely as usual, have you had a look? lots to be tempted by....

On the blog front, I have been making a few updates, some new links added to the links page, and I have updated the FAQ page, which is mainly for PR enquirers, it would help me greatly if you could please check out this page before sending emails to me, while I love getting your emails and enquirers, if you could just check out that page first, it would save me having to email back on similar questions multiple times.  The most often asked question is about being a  Guest Blogger, which is now answered here, question 6.  So with this in mind, I am going to introduce a new Guest Blogger spot, (I have done interview posts before) which will be on an invite only basis to start with, and I have my first Guest Blogger all lined up for you and ready to go, so check back later to see who she is! 

18 Feb 2012

Spring time colours

Heading into the Weekend and I can't help but feel all feminine and girly.  Out of all the Seasons, spring is by far the most Feminine seasons  don't you think? with its delicate blooms and pretty pink flowers you can't help but give into your girly side, and I am noticing a fair bit of pink about for spring 2012, just perfect for injecting some life back into the home after the winter.
While I'm not really into the whole floral and flowers look for my home, I do like the use of pink here and there such as  a pink haze (photo one) created  using a soft voile curtains at the window.  Flowers, always a quick way to add some instance colour to a room, I love how these tuplips have been grouped  together to add impact using the 3 subtle colour changes lilac, pale pink and white, and who wouldn't love to walk across that lovely tiled floor, it reminds me of day trips to France where all the homes have tiled floors, though not as pretty as these ones.

Image 1  Nina Broberg/IKEA Livet Hemma
Image 3  Nina Broberg/IKEA Livet Hemma
Image 4 Rose des Vent Tiles by Zazous

9 Feb 2012

Winter Warmer.

Are you feeling the cold where you are?  I know am, even though we don't have snow, the temperature is hovering just above freezing and the wind chill is making it feel a little colder, so  how about some lovely warming soup to warm as all up.  Today's offering comes courtesy  of  IKEA's Livet Hemma blog, a colourful tomato soup, don't you just love that colour combination, makes me feel warmer just looking at it.
If you intend to make the most of the winter snow this weekend why not take a flask of soup with you to keep out the chill.

Tomato soup with lemon creme fraiche (4 people)

10 medium sized tomatoes 
1 large onion 
3 cloves garlic 
olive oil, 
about 6 cups water 
1 liter chicken stock 
fresh thyme, 
a little sugar, 
black pepper and salt

1 can of creme fraiche 
zest and juice of one lemon 
salt and pepper

Click here for instructions and Table ware all from Ikea.

5 Feb 2012

Weekend finds and little updates.

Well so far the snow that has been falling in  the UK has passed us by this weekend, but even so its been a bit chilly outside, so for the most part I have stayed in the warm at home, which has given me some time to do a bit of updating of my desk area, and a little DIY in the form of some spray painting.  
I don't know about you but we always seem to have keys laying about the house that we have no idea what they are for, so I thought that I would give a few a little enamel face lift.  Not sure how I will display them at the moment but there they are in the photo above.

Some other changes that I made were to  update  my tins and string container with some new washi tape, (don't you just love washi tape?) and pretty pink spotted paper, which I found online here  and printed off on the printer, its amazing how just making a few changes can make all the difference to a space.

Other weekend finds

Jamie at Home Launch party came to town, introduced by Joanne Graham,
 so I popped in to take a look. Anybody done or been to a party?

Missed the first issue of 91 magazine but discovered the second , its got 
a pretty peachy home tour on page 62.

Discovered a new blog via Pinterest , The Painted Hive and a 
great Tutorial and free download its getting a lot of pins!

Wishing I could of made it to the spring/summer
Tine K Home Fair, but loving the 
photos by Anna-Malin from Quite Simple blog of the day

Wouldn't want to get a Tattoo, but this Tattoo bow
from Future & Found  caught my eye.

Spring collection from Swedish Home interiors company 
Ordmärkt, Pattern with a story.

3 Feb 2012

Getting Organised.

Its Friday already, how did that happen?  I have to confess to being a bit distracted this week, recently my Hubby bought me a new lap top, yeah!, (no more being crammed into the corner of the living room on my computer with not much space!) and I have been trying to reorganize everything so that I can get rid of  move the computer desk out of the living room, and move these units along the wall to sit more centrally, I have a thing about everything being straight and central, which living in the house that we currently do, is not that easy as we don't have a straight wall in the house, it can be very frustrating, just when you think you got it plumb.....
So I'm up for a bit of moving things around and finding ways of storing bits and pieces, like leads for the computer, pens and pencils etc,  so the tin cans that I spray painted way back here, a plant pot, and a black tray that actually started out as packing for a pancake set,  are being put to good use as storage. And as I haven't done any DIY projects since I painted my dresser, I''m getting a little bit restless and on the hunt for something to transform....
So with the cold weather that is  heading our  way this weekend, it looks like I might be staying in and seeing what DIY mischief I can get up too. Do you have anything to tackle this weekend?

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