13 Jan 2012

House Tour.


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Sometimes when doing a bit of snooping into other peoples homes, I'll come across a home that I just keep coming back to, and the home of Caroline, Mikael and their son Elton, is just one of those lovely places.  I spotted it a few weeks back over at Ikea Family Live and its been on my radar ever since, so although you may have already spotted it elsewhere, here it is again.  
Firstly I love the light fresh and open feel about this space, white walls, high ceilings, then there is the cleaver use of a black wall to help in disguising the TV.   I have a pet hate about a TV that takes centre stage in  room, and I can't wait to get rid of our old huge hunk of a TV and replace it with a nice flat screen, so this for me is a great decorating tip.  
I also love the mix of textures, such as the concrete table with rustic baskets and sheep skins, and to add warmth, the addition of blonde wood against white and greys, and I'm just loving the family photos  displayed up the stairs and landing.  Yes I think this will be a favourite for a while.  What do you think, is it a hit, miss of a maybe for you?

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