30 Jan 2012

Postcard from France.

Hello all did you have a great weekend, I hope so. Mine started with a last  minute trip to France on Friday eventing.  My step daughters dog has had pup! so that provided the perfect excuse to hop on the boat for a quick weekend visit.  
I love a visit to France, less than an hour on the boat and  there's a wealth of culture, food, sights and smells to take in, and if I'm lucky a trip to Ikea in Rennes!   Here's a few quick snaps that I took with my mobile phone camera.

24 Jan 2012

A little Calm from IKEA

Hello how are you doing?  I've been feeling a little washed out of late, what with the winter grey skies and general feeling of being under the weather, plus everything at home is a bit topsy turvy, some times things just seem to happen all at once don't they, towards the end of last year my washing  machine packed up, quickly followed by my cooker dying on me, and now there is work going on in the down stairs flat which affects our home up stairs,(our bathroom has been slowly leaking into the kitchen below us) so everything seems to be in a constant mess at the moment, and yesterday work men showed up to put in new telephone connections so I'm feeling less then relaxed this week.

So it was kind of nice to find these lovely relaxing photos in my in box this morning, from the Ikea Livet Hemma blog. Just staring at the photo above has already reduced  my stress levels, with its  calming colour palette and use of natural textures and materials -so relaxing.
Our environment has a huge effect on our well-being, (which I'm currently discovering firsthand) but  the use of   light colours give this look a feeling of calm and quite, and I always find that wood and wicker baskets with their  unique grains and distinct natural element are always comforting and relaxing.

One of the trends for 2012 is Pure and Simple and taking inspiration from Japan, Ikea Livet Hemma take a look at raw materials such as untreated wood and and natural fibers to help create this calming and natural look for the home. Although I can't quite picture me sitting on these lovely banana rush foot stools drinking Japanese tea anytime soon, (I'll never get off the floor) I can appreciate  the uncluttered calm feel of this space, with the mix of  the natural textures and the clean lines of the units and tables., and I also love  plain white table ware to serve good food on, so simple.

All photos Nina Broberg/IKEA Livet Hemma

16 Jan 2012

UK launch of Cachette

This month sees the Launching of Cachette.com,  a new Anglo-French lifestyle website that offers a carefully chosen and eclectic mix of beautiful everyday items for the home. Created by Stephen and Delphine, an Anglo-French couple who, after spending 10 years living and working in London, upped sticks and changed everything for a live in the South of France.

Products have come from a variety of young designers and  artisans, with the  range  growing daily, the first collection  being ready for viewing sometime this week, and will include items for the Bathroom, Kitchenware, Household, Food, Kids, Stationary  and more.  Below are a few things that I have  picked out.   I'm especially loving the hand finished  white enamel cutlery , they look so tactile, perfect for long leisurely dinner parties, don't you think? 
All images Cachette.com

13 Jan 2012

House Tour.


All images Ikea Family Live
Sometimes when doing a bit of snooping into other peoples homes, I'll come across a home that I just keep coming back to, and the home of Caroline, Mikael and their son Elton, is just one of those lovely places.  I spotted it a few weeks back over at Ikea Family Live and its been on my radar ever since, so although you may have already spotted it elsewhere, here it is again.  
Firstly I love the light fresh and open feel about this space, white walls, high ceilings, then there is the cleaver use of a black wall to help in disguising the TV.   I have a pet hate about a TV that takes centre stage in  room, and I can't wait to get rid of our old huge hunk of a TV and replace it with a nice flat screen, so this for me is a great decorating tip.  
I also love the mix of textures, such as the concrete table with rustic baskets and sheep skins, and to add warmth, the addition of blonde wood against white and greys, and I'm just loving the family photos  displayed up the stairs and landing.  Yes I think this will be a favourite for a while.  What do you think, is it a hit, miss of a maybe for you?

11 Jan 2012

Awaiting spring.....

For the first time in what seems like ages, the sky was actually blue and the sun was shinning all day!  It felt like spring even though technically spring is a little way off yet, and I found this little plant in a  stripy pot at my local Watirose supermarket.  Perfect to add a little freshness to my living room.

Tine K Spring/summer collection.

Personally I quite like this time of year,   what with the old year behind, and the new one stretched out in front of  me, then there is the  anticipation  of spring  just around the corner - I love the spring (I spotted  daffodils growing this morning as I drove my Daughter to work) and at this time of year there is also the anticipation of the Spring/Summer collections for the home that start to appear, and the fun of  picking out new things to add to my mine
The  Spring/Summer 'Pure' collection for 2012 by  Tine K certainly looks lovely, the colour palette this year looks light and airy, with pale pinks and blues, taupe's and graphite blacks.  Sadly I don't have anywhere local (apart form Guernsey) that sells the collection, but I always feel  inspired by  the styling and photography produced by the team at Tine K. 

I love this little collection above, what is it about a tray of bits and bobs... and string, I'm drawn to string - string and note books...

All Images Tine K home Spring/Summer 2012

4 Jan 2012

I finally painted that dresser!

Hello folks, how are you all after the Holidays, slowly getting back to normal?  yes me too, that feeling of not knowing what day it is or wondering which  shops are open to get that emergency pint of milk from, has past and guess what, we are at the starting point of a brand new year again!  Has your new year got off to a good start, are you planning anything new?

After a little holiday house sitting for friends I finally got that dresser painted!  yeah! and I have to say I'm more than pleased with my pot of Annie Sloan paint and clear wax that I used to paint it with.   After much deliberating over should I or should't I paint it, I bit the bullet and went with my gut feeling and painted it.  I'm so glad I did, it looks so much better don't you think? 



The surface of the dresser was a bit of a mess, before it came to us I think it had lived in garage for a while and had some staining on the work top surface, and peeling  varnish, so I gave it a good sand down and then painted two coats of Annie Sloan Old white all over, one  coat of Graphite on the work top area,  and just finished off with a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax.   

All that I need now are some new handles to finish it off, I spotted some a while back at my local garden centre but unfortunately they now don't have enough of them, so am now looking at the Bombay Duck site as they have a good selection to choose from, here are the main contenders below which I think might go well, but there are a whole lot more to choose from if you want to take a look here.  But from the ones that I have picked out below which ones do you think would look the best, because I can't decide...

Images of handles Bombay Duck

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