10 Dec 2011

Black, white and purple.

Generally speaking purple isn't one of my favourite colours, I prefer it to be more on the berry side with more pink in, but when I spotted these pictures recently over one Stylizimo blog, well they stopped me in my tracks,  and actually I really like the purple teamed with black and white with the natural warming touches from wood.  With just a few purple accessories it really warms the space up, although to be honest its pretty much a fab space anyway. 

Images from Fermina.dk
Yes this space is really inspiring me, and I'm already thinking of maybe adding some curtains in purple to my own living room, to help make it feel snugger for the winter. 


  1. I'm not usually a big fan of purple (in interiors, fashion, anything really!), but these gorgeous pictures are winning me round! I like that it's balanced out by great swathes of black and white.


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