10 Dec 2011

Black, white and purple.

Generally speaking purple isn't one of my favourite colours, I prefer it to be more on the berry side with more pink in, but when I spotted these pictures recently over one Stylizimo blog, well they stopped me in my tracks,  and actually I really like the purple teamed with black and white with the natural warming touches from wood.  With just a few purple accessories it really warms the space up, although to be honest its pretty much a fab space anyway. 

Images from Fermina.dk
Yes this space is really inspiring me, and I'm already thinking of maybe adding some curtains in purple to my own living room, to help make it feel snugger for the winter. 

2 Dec 2011

Work/office space.

Well folks my interior design course that I have been taking is drawing to a close, and I have until next  Wednesday evening to finish pulling my sample boards and class presentation together, and if this course has taught me anything, it is that a well organised work space is key to a well organised and productive out come.
Not having space to be able to work on my boards has been a real head ache for me, you will not believe how creating a couple of interior design schemes can take over your life,  and as I'm not the most organised person in the world, its meant many an evening with the living room floor covered in magazine clippings, catalogues, brochures, and boards, even my tutor pushes two tables together  when she see's me heading into class! . 
So I have been taking a look around the Blogsphere and on Pinterest to see if I can spot some lovely working spaces to be envious of, and while I'm at it, I have put together a list of tips for the home office and productive working that I wish I had put into action before staring my course...we live and learn folks...

1.  Try to keep your work space away from other distractions such the TV. family, pets.etc
2. If you can, get a nice long table/desk such as trellis table,
 I love the  Ikea ones, practical and  good looking  too.
3. Allow plenty of space for various jobs such as cutting and gluing.
4. Have your tools close to hand so that you
are not continually looking for things.
5. Have adequate storage, for all that you need.
6. Good lighting, natural is best but for the evening use good over head and task lighting.
Bodie and Fou

7. Take regular breaks, you will probably function better then
burning the midnight oil and trying to get something done all at once.
8. A tidy space is a tidy mind, therefore more productive.
9.  Are you sitting comfortably, get a well supportive seat.
10. Treat your self with something nice,
 personally I find burning a scented candle helps keep me calm when up against the dead line!

Blog Stylizimo

Well I hope you enjoyed those few tips one being organised, now I'm just off to burn some candles and take a few deep breaths before I head back to my story/sample boards...

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