7 Oct 2011

happy weekend.

Hello folks, not much going on today, as last night in an effort to rescue my cat Vadar from  being beaten up by the the cat who lives next door, and to avoid any more expensive trips to the vet to repair puncture wounds, I sprang out of bed and I ran down the stairs,  slipped on something, and fell down the stairs, ended up with a bruised heel, two bruised elbows and a rather bruised bum!  Thank goodness we have a short staircase.....did manage to scare the neighbours cat off though with my screams, so result there.
Anyway, today my lovely Hubby  offered to rub the bruised areas better, took me out for some lunch, and a quick visit to the charity shop, where I hobbled around looking like I had done myself a mischief, and found this cute little glass jar.  (now home to some scrabble tiles) Happy weekend all....

P.S, if you are looking for a little weekend project check out some here, or pop on over to Stylizimo blog where you will find a lovely one right now.

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