16 Sep 2011

Some loveliness from Alvhem Estate and interiors

Thanks for joining me this week here on This Home Sweet Home, its been a good week this week, (started  an interior design course and did a little photo shoot for friends)  and its been nice to have you along, hope you all have a great weekend, I'll leave you with some loveliness from the Alvhem Estate and interiors site which is always a treat to look around, I just love the way all the apartments look so light and airy, I'm hoping that if I blog about them  I'll get one for free....wishful thinking?  :)

Lovely floor to ceiling doors and windows to let the sun light in. 

Styling tips, mix  vintage and modern together such as the chandelier and wall prints. 

 Maximise the feeling of space with open shelves.

 and what every girl needs, a walk in wardrobe...

 Like this simple table? check out the previous post here to see how to make something similar.

....and just in case, I'll be happy with this apartment  that I just spotted, with the lovely shop to browse around at weekends.......well, a girl can dream.....
Happy weekend all! 

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