24 Sep 2011

Cheats tart.

Oh my goodness I'm in the Kitchen again!  This time its simple sweet treats in the form of cheats custard and raspberry tarts. I blame Heart Home Magazine for today's littler creation though, as I spotted some lovely summer berry tarts in the first edition of the on-line magazine and decided to have a go at something similar.
These ones, like I have already mentioned are a bit of a cheat as I bought most to the ingredients practically ready to assemble, so not much effort at all, I used instant custard, added some extra vanilla essence, spooned into ready made tart cases, and just plonked the fresh raspberries on top then glazed with a little warm jam, dead easy.  Cool them in the fridge a little after just to help set the custard.

Photography Samantha Stansbridge

To be honest, you can't fail to impress with these, the colours just look so great together, but next time I'll give the proper  vanilla pastry cream a go, check out Heart Home Magazine for instructions, issue one.

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