25 Aug 2011

Colours of Autumn from Cox & Cox

What do you like about the Autumn?  Is it the thought of snuggling up on the sofa in the evenings under a cosy blanket, or the colours and textures that come with the cooler days? 

 Cox & Cox have just released the new Autumn/Winter collection and its getting me in the mood for the arrival of the chiller days, with lovely rustic textures, colours in claret, greens, and velvet browns.

All Images Cox &Cox

Anything here catch your eye?   You can now view the  catalogue on line here which as usual is full of beautifully photographed items for the home.

24 Aug 2011

Kinfolk Magazine

Fabulous photography  from Kinfolk Magazine.

Have you noticed the ever increasing trend for on-line magazines? They are popping up left  right and centre, and the latest to hit the zineasphere is Kinfolk, created by a group of people who like to do nothing more then gather together with family and friends  around a table set for a simple meal and enjoy the simple pleasures in life like great food, the out doors, or creating a simple feast of bread and cheese around an art party in the out doors. Sounds lovely, do you like to table-scape and gather?

Check out the photographers and team here
Brittany Wood
Youngna Park
Jennifer Causey
Jennifer Causey
Youngna Park.

21 Aug 2011

The weekend project.

Hello how is your weekend going, fine I hope, I'm a little under the weather with a summer cold, so this weekend I've been taking it easy on the sofa in between small burst of energy to do a little weekend project and practice my camera skills, oh and my photography results are in.....drum roll please.....I got a B grade!  
As a treat to myself I bought a new scarf in anticipation of the Autumn which will be with us all too soon.   

Photography Me! Samantha Stansbridge,  Scarf
Scarves are one of my favourite accessories in my wardrobe, and I'm sure this stripy one is going to be my new best friend this Autumn, its in a lovely drapy  jersey material and very wide which makes it perfect as a shawl too, and takes an out fit from simple to chic.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

13 Aug 2011

The weekend project, little black lamp.

Welcome to another weekend project.  I bought this little lamp in the sales last week from  B&Q, but once home,  thought that it needed a little something extra, and while  checking out sequins and beads on Ebay, came across some lovely black shell discs and decided to buy them to add to the edge of the lamp shade.  I also picked up some little black beads in town today to go with them.  Simply sew on using a curved needle (I found a curved one better, to fit around the frame of the lamp) push the needle  round the bottom of the shade and through the fabric,  thread the bead on, then the shell, then back through the bead and up into the shade, tie a not and that it! 

9 Aug 2011

Display idea for your budding Picasso's

If you have your little ones home a the moment on the school holidays chances are that the kitchen table has been turned into a creative area in a bid to keep them entertained, and while checking out the IKEA Facebook page, thought that these makes for a great way to display all those little master pieces once the front of the fridge is filled up.  Any budding picasso's out there?

...and keep the holiday spirit going by adding items and post cards from your summer travels to an Ikea curtain wire or string.

5 Aug 2011

A colourful Autumn with Rice.

A pretty table setting with the Italian tableware from Rice

All images Rice
Although I'm busy creating a black and white theme in my living room, I am actually rather drawn to bright colours too, so I'm loving a dose of colour in the new Autumn/winter  catalogue from Rice, which is soon to be available in October.  

2 Aug 2011

My latest charity shop find.

I've been on the look out for ideas for storage space in our living room. We have very little cupboard space in the whole of the house, and though I hate to admit it, I'm a bit of a magpie for collecting and keeping things, so wanted to put some kind of shelves or cupboards in the living room to store all my magazines books and bits and pieces.
Having flicked through my pile of books and magazines for some inspiration, I came across a couple of looks and ideas that I thought might work, some units from an IKEA catalog (picture 2) and some units seen in the Book Decorate by Holly Becker. (pictures 1&3) a book that I spend many a happy time flicking through for inspiration.
With these ideas in mind I headed out to our local B&Q store to check out if I could get something similar to the IKEA units, (the nearest IKEA is in France so B&Q had to do) thinking I could use slim white glossy kitchen wall units but at floor level, then having checked them out, I headed out to my favourite charity shop on the Island, the Hospice, not a week goes by where we don't pop in to either donate or buy.

Image 2 Ikea, 1&3 Decorate by Holly Becker

and there I found these units below.  As soon as I spotted them I thought of those shelves in picture 1 above,  and that was it, decision made!  I bought two of them for £35.00.  Now I need to decide if I should paint them or leave them, I'm thinking paint them white to blend into the wall a little,  but I'll live with them a while before deciding. 

In the mean time I'm enjoying filling them up with all by bits and bobs.

Oh, and if you read this post and are wondering about the red sofa's just going out of shot in the pictures, I can tell you that I had a couple of  very disappointing days where I thought I had scored two perfect white  sofa's for my new look living room, from the same charity shop,  only to have them delivered and for them NOT even to make it through the door!  I could of sworn that they where alot smaller then the current red sofas.....which just goes to show that colour can be very deceptive, and you should always carry a tape measure with you.....and know before hand if something will even make it thorough the door and round the stair well.  I'm still ever so slightly peeved about the whole sofa saga, but the shelves kind of make up for it.  Lesson learned though.

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