25 Jul 2011

The weekend project (a little late) Diy display ladders.

Lately I have come across more than the odd blog showing how to use a ladder to decorate with, (such as here)  and I quite like the look, not only are they a great way of storing things such as throws when not in use, but they are also a great way for displaying things too. But  not having a pair of ladders to hand, I got to thinking that actually it wouldn't be that difficult to make a pair, even with my limited DIY skills, so after popping to B&Q to buy me some  lengths of wood, I had a go over the weekend, and this is the result, which I have to say I'm pretty pleased with, and for the cost of about £5.00
So if you fancy having a go your self:

Here is what I used
  • 2  lengths of 12mm x 44 mm and cut the length to how tall you want it,  I kept mine the full length of the wood as we have high ceiling.
  • 1 length of 11 x 33 mm 
  • Headless Nails.
  • Glue (optional) 
  • Hammer.
  • pencil to mark the place of the rungs.
  • tape measure 

To assemble 
  • Lay the two lengths of wood on the floor and decide how you want your ladders, equal width apart all the way up, or tapering, I chose tapering, and for tapering it helps to have a tiled kitchen floor to use as a grid!
  • Once decided on how your ladders will look, decide on how far apart you want the ladder rungs (are they rungs or runs?)  cut the the piece of wood  for the rungs to fit, then nail each of these in place, you can use a bit of wood glue for extra security if you want.
  • Then finally paint to the colour of your choice and voilà your own display ladders.

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