28 Jul 2011

The weekend project, arrange flowers.

Styling  and Photography by me!

This weekends weekend project is a nice easy summery one, because for many of you its the summer holidays and that means the children are home from school (how many of you are already counting down the days until they go back...heheh) so take out some time to treat yourself to some lovely summer blooms and arrange them in different containers and tins.
I bought these little playful blooms from a road side stall, and thought that they would work well in my tin cans that I spray painted back when I did my  yoghurt pots make over.  
I'm  pretty much a throw um in the vase kind of girl when it comes to my flowers, but if you want to get serious about your flower arranging then why not check out this book, Flower Arranging by  Mark Welford and  Stephen Wicks of Bloomsbury Flowers (linking here guys and gals)  So, What do you prefer, rustic country or sleek and contemporary? 

happy weekend! 

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