13 Jun 2011

Summer entertaining

Photo: Nina Broberg Livet Hemma blog

Happy Monday all, did you do anything nice of special over the weekend?    It was a busy one for us, we had Friends visiting who stopped by  for a meal, then a family get together on Saturday. Don't you find the summer months are usually filled with family gatherings,  weddings,  graduations, BBQ's summer parties, the birth of babies etc. 
I found this  fun table setting over at Livet Hemma blog today, I really need to get some ideas for creating table settings, when we entertain its always a scramble to make sure we have enough matching knives and forks and plates etc. and I'm embarrassed to say that this weekend I  had to use kitchen roll as serviettes.... oh the shame.... I thought I had some nice paper napkins in a draw but I couldn't find them, so I folded up a piece of kitchen roll and placed the knife and folk on top, then placed that on top of the plate, and in a lame attempt to add some decoration to the table, added some sprig's of rosemary.....
Needless to say I'm now on the look out for some nice items to help create  pretty table settings for future entertaining...
If you too are looking for some inspiration then may I suggest A Beach Cottage here  for some lovely ideas, and also if you have your own fab table setting ideas, there is a competition currently  running over at Livet Hemma blog   but hurry it ends soon.

P.S watch out for some new Advertisers coming  to This Home Sweet Home, I will be introducing you to some Etsy stores sellers and other sites very soon! :)

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