23 May 2011

Peak at my Ikea buys.

Do you remember me going on and on about my day trip to France to visit IKEA, well I am finally getting  around to posting about it, though it was such a whirl wind trip that I only got chance to take these two not very good photos on my phone.  That's my daughter in the bottom photo who actually did rather well out of the trip, unlike me, who once there, was like a rabbit caught in the head lights and didn't know which way to dash first! 
I did come home with a few items though, but as our car boot was a little on the short side I didn't get the lack wall mounted magazine rack that I wanted. 

I did pick up this duvet set though, which  I blogged about here, I don't think I would of bought it though if I hadn't first seen the pictures over at Ikea Livet Hemma. But I'm glad I did as it goes well with the blue wall in our bedroom, adding a fresh modern feel.
The two pillows in the front there, I already had, also from IKEA, and as the colouring on the pattern is similar I quite like them together.

Do you like to mix up your bedding a bit, or do prefer to have it all matching?

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18 May 2011

H&M summer.

Images H&M
Living on an Island surrounded be sea, it would be criminal not to get a few friends together and head down to the beach for a few barbie's and picnics, throughout the summer, and I'm loving the look and feel of these seaside scenes from H&M home.  There is something about old rustic creates that I just find so appealing, great too in the home filled with warm blankets for evening when you return from a lazy day spent at the beach to snuggle under once the sun sets........ahhhh perfect picnics from H&M Home.

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