7 Apr 2011

Scandinavian style with influences from North Africa.

I think the team from Livet Hemma blog have been reading my mind this week, I'm thinking of painting my living room walls white and as we have a red sofa similar colour to the one in  these photos,  for my next  trip to IKEA that I have planned very soon, I think I may have to add a few cushions and mats to my growing  wish list that I have going aground in my mind!

A Scandinavian style with influences from North Africa, a bright red sofa, pouff and cabinet combined with beautiful rugs and pillows in playful colours,  all contribute to this exotic feeling.  Kelim mats and pottery reminiscent of a market in Marrakes  and the stylish stoneware IKEA PS JONSBERG vase, all perfectly fits the theme.

Do you like adding  holiday souvenirs  to your styling at home?  I tend to bring back small locally painted water colours from places that we visit, I have a few from France and some from Venice, IKEA picture frames   always very handy....

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