28 Apr 2011

Bright whites with blue and pops of pink

  On Livet Hemma this week, the team  create peace and quiet in the bedroom., Using crisp white walls and floors create a sense of tranquillity,  and a delicate rose or two keeps it sweet smelling and feminine without being too girly.  

I love the blue and white duvet set on the bed designed by Charlotte Skak, not what I would have chosen for this room myself, but seeing it here, it really works to keep the room fresh but  modern.  A touch of hot pink in the form of the floor rug helps to add a bit of warmth.
I'm counting down the days until I'm let loose on IKEA  when we go to France for the day, I think I'll be needing a truck for all the things I want to get, but knowing me, I'll get there and not know where to start! 

17 Apr 2011

Simple Sunday afternoon pleasures....

Do you like daises?  My garden is currently a  sea of them at the moment, as yet we haven't taken the mower to the lawn this spring,  it seems such a shame to mow them down, so I spent some time this lovely sunny Sunday, just  carefully picking my way a round the garden collecting some of these sweet little rays of sunshine and popping them into a little tumbler.   Then taking  a bit of hessian, wrapped it around the tumbler and hey presto!
Sometimes its the simple things in life........

14 Apr 2011

Table scape, bring the outside in.

Nothing feels more  like spring then bringing the outside in at this time of year. I love collecting flowers and branches of blooms and displaying them around the house,  and even if the weather is not as sunny as we would like all the time, you can't help but feel happy with a bunch or two of  lovely  yellow flowers around the place.  Why not use flowers and brightly coloured vases and bottles, with crisp white porcelain (all  from IKEA) to create a welcoming spring table setting for family or friends as in these photos.  Don't you just love the slightly rustic wonky table,  standing on the pile of rugs?

I'll be heading off to IKEA very soon, taking a trip to France for the day just to visit, its the highlight of my  year,  to be let loose around all those room settings.....ahhh bliss, I'm really quite excited about it!   so I'll be checking  out a few things while I'm there, my list is getting ever longer...

 IKEA LIVET HEMMA /Photo credits  Nina Broberg

7 Apr 2011

Scandinavian style with influences from North Africa.

I think the team from Livet Hemma blog have been reading my mind this week, I'm thinking of painting my living room walls white and as we have a red sofa similar colour to the one in  these photos,  for my next  trip to IKEA that I have planned very soon, I think I may have to add a few cushions and mats to my growing  wish list that I have going aground in my mind!

A Scandinavian style with influences from North Africa, a bright red sofa, pouff and cabinet combined with beautiful rugs and pillows in playful colours,  all contribute to this exotic feeling.  Kelim mats and pottery reminiscent of a market in Marrakes  and the stylish stoneware IKEA PS JONSBERG vase, all perfectly fits the theme.

Do you like adding  holiday souvenirs  to your styling at home?  I tend to bring back small locally painted water colours from places that we visit, I have a few from France and some from Venice, IKEA picture frames   always very handy....

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