31 Mar 2011

IKEA Livet Hemma (Life at Home)

Are you a  fan of all things IKEA?  If I had the chance I would visit IKEA more often, but for me, it means a trip to France in Rennes as this is  the closest one to where I live.  So getting my hands on a catalogue and visiting IKEA Family Live, and the IKEA website is the next best thing.  And now....... there is another way to stay up to date, Yeah! a new Swedish  interior inspirational blog, Livet Hemma or in English Life at Home.

You've heard of IKEA hackers right? people who buy products and personalise them, well the styling team over at Livet Hemma are encouraging this by  styling Ikea pieces in interesting ways and in exciting environments, and positively embracing the hacker within, rather then  just showing how the furniture is seen in the catalogue, the team show how to use the furniture in interesting ways,  which I think is great as although I love the styling  in Ikea catalogues, I think for the most part nobody wants to live in what looks like an IKEA stage set, and we usually buy things that fit into our homes, right?

 The team also upload stories, tips and trend spotting ideas in video and film, but these are in Swedish as is the blog, but you can at least use google translate to read the blog, If you are an IKEA lover its well worth a visit for some styling ideas, you can also create a personal profile on the site and share your own styling ideas too!


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