31 Mar 2011

IKEA Livet Hemma (Life at Home)

Are you a  fan of all things IKEA?  If I had the chance I would visit IKEA more often, but for me, it means a trip to France in Rennes as this is  the closest one to where I live.  So getting my hands on a catalogue and visiting IKEA Family Live, and the IKEA website is the next best thing.  And now....... there is another way to stay up to date, Yeah! a new Swedish  interior inspirational blog, Livet Hemma or in English Life at Home.

You've heard of IKEA hackers right? people who buy products and personalise them, well the styling team over at Livet Hemma are encouraging this by  styling Ikea pieces in interesting ways and in exciting environments, and positively embracing the hacker within, rather then  just showing how the furniture is seen in the catalogue, the team show how to use the furniture in interesting ways,  which I think is great as although I love the styling  in Ikea catalogues, I think for the most part nobody wants to live in what looks like an IKEA stage set, and we usually buy things that fit into our homes, right?

 The team also upload stories, tips and trend spotting ideas in video and film, but these are in Swedish as is the blog, but you can at least use google translate to read the blog, If you are an IKEA lover its well worth a visit for some styling ideas, you can also create a personal profile on the site and share your own styling ideas too!


25 Mar 2011

Dresser paint colour ideas.

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The dresser that I have been given is still in a naked state, and in two halves, as I haven't got around to doing anything with it at the moment, apart from a quick test sand down, it looks like I may have to get some varnish remover to get rid of the old varnish on the surface, but I'm pretty sure that I will paint it, black grey or white are all in the running at the moment (ideas above)  Any tips on how to go about it? or products to use?

Decorate, Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick

All images Debi Treloar from the book Decorate,

I don't know about you but I am completely addicted to homes' bloggers' who each week, and sometimes several times a day, share inspirational decorating ideas and pictures of their homes in blog posts to the like of me and most probably you too, and more often then not I discover them though other bloggers such as the lovely Now while I love blog hopping, nothing really beats the printed page does it, so when it was announced that Holly Becker, together with Joanna Copestick and photographer Debi Treloar where going to release a book, and I discovered that among the pages of said book there was going to be one of my favorite (i have many favorite) blogs featured well I just new it would be a cracker of a book! landed on my doorstep this week, (with a thud, its quite a substantial book!) and I have been flicking through the '1,000 inspirational design ideas for every room in your home' ever since.
Turning the pages and coming across photos from blogs that I love is a bit like spotting a friends home, (even though I have never met these people, just an avid fan and follower)  like the photo above from  the lovely home of Anna-Malin Lindgren who blogs at Helt Enkelt, or Yvonne Eijkenduijn  of Yvestown blog, Anna-Malin  does black and white so well, her home just  its the spot for me, and it is always changing so following the  blog is like being on a constant journey of discovery, and Yvonnes home is understateadly  pretty and fresh.

The book its self is divided into four sections covering, Space matters, Setting Your Style, Room by Room, and Attention to Detail.  All  beautiful photographed by Debi Treloar, with quotes by famous designers and of course real homes by real people, will be a firm favourite of mine for some time to come!
The UK version which I am now the proud owner of is available through Amazon

19 Mar 2011

Almost finished!

....And here today is the almost finished room, all that's left  is just the finishing touches, its been quite interesting to see how mother and daughters tastes vary, having had a blank canvas to work with my daughter Gemma has been aiming for  a boutique chic feel to the room, my tastes are some what  eclectic, and am always changing things around.
So far Grand dad is happy for her to have the use of it, and its a great place for her and her sister to hang out with friends, but as there is no heating in the room she is still sleeping and part sharing in her sisters room.

While our living accommodation is not ideal, this last few weeks I find myself thinking how lucky we are to have a home at all,  when I think about the people of Japan and what they are going through....

16 Mar 2011

More mini make over pics!

 We did an awful lot of sanding and filling them there walls!

 That's my daughter  above who is now the power tool queen in our house now!

The bit of wall paper you see there is Monsoon for  Graham and brown, availabel at B&Q

 My Dad made this built in wardrobe,

The wardrobe handles where snapped up from E-bay.

15 Mar 2011

The mini renovation

Finally I have got around to posting some photos of our mini make over,  I say 'our' but really this has been
pretty much a one Girl show...my daugters, in her bid to get off the living room floor where she has been calling her bedroom for the last 18 months or so, she has sweet talked her Grand Dad into letting her have one of his bedsits.  He had started doing it up a while ago but things came to a stand still for one reason or another and well it just became a dumping ground for things.  Any way since he recently retired and has more time on his hand, and has a sweet talking Grand Daughter in his ear things have come on in leaps and bounds, So these are a few before pics with some more to follow soon! Have to go and run errands.....

5 Mar 2011

Spring Hits the Conran Shop

 Happy weekend everyone!  Is spring starting to appear in your  part of the world?  These last few days here in Jersey have been lovely and sunny I'm pleased to say, still a bit on the chilly side but its soooo nice to see blue sky and sunshine, so hopefully spring should be with us very soon.!

Spring has already arrived at The Conran shop, the window displays of the  London,  Paris and Japanese stores are starting to bloom with cherry blossom tress on a carpet of pretty pink fabric petals..over two million of them!  Each day up until  the end of March the visual team at each store will add more than 50 buds to each tree, and just to get the senses going  the petals have been infused with the scent of natural cherry blossom, now there's a smell to put a spring in your step! (ha ha) finally when the tress are in full bloom and heavy with blossom the team will then sweep in (well they will have to with all those cherry blossom petals every where) and change the displays ready for the summer!

If you are  heading to a store this weekend why not check out the window display and the heady smell of cherry blossom, then while you are there take a look around and see what take your fancy from the new spring collection

 If you do stop by the window displays why not take a photo and upload it to the This home Sweet Home Flickr group, would love to see some more photos.

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