20 Jan 2011

Sparrow & co..

Have you heard of Sparrow & co yet?  a brand new homes ware  collection brought to you by Samuel Sparrow.  Though not quite ready for full steam ahead  in terms of an online shop, you can catch a glimpse of what lies  ahead in the Sparrow & co Etsy store, which if its anything to go by, is going to be a big hit!  There  you will find items  inspired by traditional crafting skills with an emphasis on unique, handmade products from around the world, including such places as Morocco, Uzbekistan, Asia, Central America, as well as England   Wales and Scotland.

These items are all fitting in with the decorating ideas and possibilities currently going round and round in my head, and I'm particularly liking the the colour, look and feel (imagining the feel) of the sheepskin rug, yes its blending in very nicely with whats going on in my head.....

As the online store is not ready just yet, keep up to date by following the Sparrow & co blog here but while you wait, check out the Etsy store for a little tease.

PS, its late and I really should be going to bed, so if this post reads a litle funny thats why, I keep reading it through but now the writting is just jumping about......must get sleep...

14 Jan 2011

In need of a colour pick-me-up? Yes please..

So far January 2011 has been pretty grey and wet, and with the episode with my stolen bag this week I need a pick me up, and while it won't solve every thing, a peek at the new and as always colourful collection form Rice is a sure way to add a bit of cheer to the start of the weekend.

All images Rice

Don't you just love how colourful everything is, so fresh and spring like, yes, I'm looking forward to some brighter days, and if you happen to be in London this weekend, Rice will be at the Top Draw London (Trade Only, though bloggers may be welcome) show from the 16th -18th of January for the spring/summer 2011 showcase.  Stand N12.  Pick me up something bright and cheerful for me won't you!


12 Jan 2011

Currently loving Black & White.

There is  a slight possibility that in 2011 we may move house as we currently only have 2 bedrooms, but we could do with a third one for our eldest daughter, the box, room as we call it, is getting a bit cramped  for two fully grown girls.  So with this in mind my head is currently  filled with new decorating ideas and possibilities, I'm currently loving  black and white so here are just a few looks that have caught my eye, though have totally lost track of where I have got them from, but No. 2, 6 and 9 are from the blog Helt Enlkelt where you will find more black and white inspiration, just love it!  If you recognise any of the other pics do let me know so that I can credit them.

On a totally different subject, I had my hand bag stolen today, which as you can imagine has been really rather annoying,  I feel slightly lost and undressed without it, I practically have my  entire  life in that  bag, not to mention my favourite lip gloss, still on the bright side it does mean I will just have to go shopping for a new bag, wallet, and lip gloss..... when I get my bank details and other bits of plastic sorted out.  but on a serious note, ladies take care you never know who's about!! Have a safe day.

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