10 Dec 2011

Black, white and purple.

Generally speaking purple isn't one of my favourite colours, I prefer it to be more on the berry side with more pink in, but when I spotted these pictures recently over one Stylizimo blog, well they stopped me in my tracks,  and actually I really like the purple teamed with black and white with the natural warming touches from wood.  With just a few purple accessories it really warms the space up, although to be honest its pretty much a fab space anyway. 

Images from Fermina.dk
Yes this space is really inspiring me, and I'm already thinking of maybe adding some curtains in purple to my own living room, to help make it feel snugger for the winter. 

2 Dec 2011

Work/office space.

Well folks my interior design course that I have been taking is drawing to a close, and I have until next  Wednesday evening to finish pulling my sample boards and class presentation together, and if this course has taught me anything, it is that a well organised work space is key to a well organised and productive out come.
Not having space to be able to work on my boards has been a real head ache for me, you will not believe how creating a couple of interior design schemes can take over your life,  and as I'm not the most organised person in the world, its meant many an evening with the living room floor covered in magazine clippings, catalogues, brochures, and boards, even my tutor pushes two tables together  when she see's me heading into class! . 
So I have been taking a look around the Blogsphere and on Pinterest to see if I can spot some lovely working spaces to be envious of, and while I'm at it, I have put together a list of tips for the home office and productive working that I wish I had put into action before staring my course...we live and learn folks...

1.  Try to keep your work space away from other distractions such the TV. family, pets.etc
2. If you can, get a nice long table/desk such as trellis table,
 I love the  Ikea ones, practical and  good looking  too.
3. Allow plenty of space for various jobs such as cutting and gluing.
4. Have your tools close to hand so that you
are not continually looking for things.
5. Have adequate storage, for all that you need.
6. Good lighting, natural is best but for the evening use good over head and task lighting.
Bodie and Fou

7. Take regular breaks, you will probably function better then
burning the midnight oil and trying to get something done all at once.
8. A tidy space is a tidy mind, therefore more productive.
9.  Are you sitting comfortably, get a well supportive seat.
10. Treat your self with something nice,
 personally I find burning a scented candle helps keep me calm when up against the dead line!

Blog Stylizimo

Well I hope you enjoyed those few tips one being organised, now I'm just off to burn some candles and take a few deep breaths before I head back to my story/sample boards...

30 Nov 2011


Having a stags head adorn the walls of your home has become ever more popular in the last few years, such as the animal friendly plaster Deer head from Nordic Bliss, or a beautiful  print  from Bodie and Fou, both of which I love.  Which of these would be your favourite?

1. Paper weight by Lollipop  £12.50
2. Plaster Deer head  by Nordic Bliss £73.90
5. Check out that handsome beast, Stag Cushion by Rockett St. George £47.50
6. Deer Head  by Cox & Cox £35.00

29 Nov 2011

Lovely displays to inspire.

The Winter Lodge room, Photography,  Ransoms Garden centre team

Silver and black room

Elegant , sophisticated and calm dresser

Winter Lodge

Mint greens combine with silver, white and natural

 This time of year the shops are busting with decorative ideas, and whether you totally embrace the Holiday festivities and have every inch of your home covered  in tinsel and glitter,  or would rather be catching a plane to a far away place and relaxing with warm sunshine and a glass of something tropical, one thing is for certain,  even if you just like to ring in the changes with some seasonal  decoration,  you will be sure to find some great inspiration out there for the home.
Ransoms Garden Centre is a favourite place of mine to visit locally,  they certainly have a very talented bunch of stylist up there, from the room displays to the painted furniture, the displays all year round never cease to amaze and inspire me.  I just love a stroll around at the weekends, taking it all in, then we  pop on over to the tea rooms for something scrummy and slightly naughty for the waistline to eat.
Personally I  love the Winter Lodge Room display, all those cosy cushions and fur throws, just the perfect place to snuggle down in, and the mint green and silver display could also be inspiration for a wedding table, (we are currently thinking future weddings in our house..or rather my Daughters are, although neither of them are actually engaged)  Any of these displays inspire or give you decorating ideas?

All these photos and more can be found on the Ransoms Facebook page here

24 Nov 2011

Link love and a quick catch up..

1| 2, 
Well hello there, I have finally come out from under my pile of samples, scale drawings and mood boards that I have been busy creating for my interior design course.  I'm in desperate need of a break from it all,  if I'm not thinking about colours and paint samples,  I'm dreaming it, so for a little break I'm here blogging about...what else...? why  interiors of course!  What can I say....I'm obsessive.   So here are a few photos and  links for you to peruse at your leisure, though I can't recall where I found photo no 2..sorry. Found it.

1. Justin and Colin's recently launched soy candles look lovely
2. love the industrial feel of these zinc box drawers from Ebury Home and Garden
3.  Stationery treats from Lollipop , I'd like this rubber stamp set please.
4. Fabulous  Heather Shaw  bracelets from Rustic Disguise, yes please!
5. Thank you to Cable & Cotton, for the  string lights  now hanging in my living room, they look like lovely orbs of chocolate de-light....milk, white and dark chocolate...
6. nice little down load here print off and pop in a frame.
7.  A little luxury from Ralph Lauren 

19 Oct 2011

Bodie and Fou Winter 2011 Catalogue

I have been following along and awaiting the arrival of the New Bodie and Fou  Catalogue and and now its here to view on-line, full of styling tips ideas and inspiration.  I'm loving the work space ideas on page 22 and 23.

I'm off on a little trip for a few days so things will be quite around here  until next Wednesday so hope you all have a good weekend.
P.S don't forget to enter the give away here 

13 Oct 2011

Fig and Parma ham salad

Well it might be early Autumn but there are still a few salad days left before I start wanting winter soups and stews, and how about a fig and Parma ham salad with buffalo mozzarella  cheese?   This one is inspired by one of the Jamie Oliver  books that I have, so easy to make, just toss  some salad leaves onto a plate, nick the top of the figs then squish them a little to open up the lovely insides, tear up some mozzarella cheese, and lay the Parma ham around the plate, drizzle with a little herb olive oil then enjoy, and personally I find that this dish is enjoyed more if you get stuck in and just use your fingers..yum.  

PS, don't forget you can still use the discount here, and there is a give away here.

7 Oct 2011

happy weekend.

Hello folks, not much going on today, as last night in an effort to rescue my cat Vadar from  being beaten up by the the cat who lives next door, and to avoid any more expensive trips to the vet to repair puncture wounds, I sprang out of bed and I ran down the stairs,  slipped on something, and fell down the stairs, ended up with a bruised heel, two bruised elbows and a rather bruised bum!  Thank goodness we have a short staircase.....did manage to scare the neighbours cat off though with my screams, so result there.
Anyway, today my lovely Hubby  offered to rub the bruised areas better, took me out for some lunch, and a quick visit to the charity shop, where I hobbled around looking like I had done myself a mischief, and found this cute little glass jar.  (now home to some scrabble tiles) Happy weekend all....

P.S, if you are looking for a little weekend project check out some here, or pop on over to Stylizimo blog where you will find a lovely one right now.

30 Sep 2011

The weekend project, take one Hot Dog jar...

Candles have been a bit of a theme this week one way or another, starting with this post last Sunday,  and today's weekend project is inspired by the fact that we kicked off  the week  with power cuts to the Island.   Monday evening  found us  scrambling around the house in the dark lighting  candles, fortunately I have more than a few dotted around the house, (I stocked up on my last visit to IKEA) and while looking for containers to use as candle holders, a tall hot dog jar came in very useful.

Photography and Styling Samantha Stansbridge.

As we sat by candle light  around the table, I tied a piece of ribbon  around the top (as one  does at times like these) and thought that this would make a simple little project.  As I  still had some mother of pearl discs left from this project and this project, I just added a few to the ribbon (later on in the week, not actually during the power cut) and there you have it, how to transform a hot dog jar, inspired by  a power cut.

Taken during the power cut.

P.S visit last Sundays post for an update, a little treat for you  from Sorella.

25 Sep 2011

Simple pleasures for the senses...

Today I am enjoying the simple pleasure of an Irish Winter scented candle, with the fragrance of warming cinnamon and cloves to fill the room with a welcoming, and relaxing  aroma, perfect for a lazy Sunday evening.

A little treat for you, how would you like 20% off  on the Sorella website from now until the end of October? 

Just use the code  THSH at the check out .
Click Here to visit the website.

24 Sep 2011

Cheats tart.

Oh my goodness I'm in the Kitchen again!  This time its simple sweet treats in the form of cheats custard and raspberry tarts. I blame Heart Home Magazine for today's littler creation though, as I spotted some lovely summer berry tarts in the first edition of the on-line magazine and decided to have a go at something similar.
These ones, like I have already mentioned are a bit of a cheat as I bought most to the ingredients practically ready to assemble, so not much effort at all, I used instant custard, added some extra vanilla essence, spooned into ready made tart cases, and just plonked the fresh raspberries on top then glazed with a little warm jam, dead easy.  Cool them in the fridge a little after just to help set the custard.

Photography Samantha Stansbridge

To be honest, you can't fail to impress with these, the colours just look so great together, but next time I'll give the proper  vanilla pastry cream a go, check out Heart Home Magazine for instructions, issue one.

16 Sep 2011

Some loveliness from Alvhem Estate and interiors

Thanks for joining me this week here on This Home Sweet Home, its been a good week this week, (started  an interior design course and did a little photo shoot for friends)  and its been nice to have you along, hope you all have a great weekend, I'll leave you with some loveliness from the Alvhem Estate and interiors site which is always a treat to look around, I just love the way all the apartments look so light and airy, I'm hoping that if I blog about them  I'll get one for free....wishful thinking?  :)

Lovely floor to ceiling doors and windows to let the sun light in. 

Styling tips, mix  vintage and modern together such as the chandelier and wall prints. 

 Maximise the feeling of space with open shelves.

 and what every girl needs, a walk in wardrobe...

 Like this simple table? check out the previous post here to see how to make something similar.

....and just in case, I'll be happy with this apartment  that I just spotted, with the lovely shop to browse around at weekends.......well, a girl can dream.....
Happy weekend all! 

The weekend project. Simple table

Image Lievt Hemma Photo: Nina Broberg

Today's weekend project comes from Lievt Hemma blog, a simple table made by fixing planks of wood together and adding a set of IKEA Vika Lergerg table legs, which  are currently just £5 each, so  makes a great inexpensive  table or work space.  
 I love the idea of painting a  strip of colour down the middle, but you could also add a white wash, or use thicker planks and stain them to create a more rustic feel,  what would  be your preferred  look, stained painted or left natural?

And speaking of IKEA, did you notice that Ikea family live have had a bit of a make over?

15 Sep 2011

Heart home Magazine is live!

Heart Home Magazine goes live today and having just been looking through it, its going to become a favourite  I think.  Filled with loads to  feast  your eyes and your belly on, with a lovely late summer feeling, (just perfect for today's weather sitting out in the garden catching some rays)  I love the article on 10 steps to create the perfect look for some late summer entertaining by blogger Nina Holst of Stylizimo blog, and as you skip through the pages there are more than a few blogger's  and stylists that you will recognise. I spotted Selina lake, Holly Becker, one of the Bodie and Fou sisters, and Nina Holst, for starters,  its a great first edition, cant wait for the next one, go check it out.

Lovely styling tips and scrumptious baking

Love the look of those fruity little tarts,  could I count them as one of my five a day because of the fruit? 

14 Sep 2011

How do you cosy up in Autumn?

Well for early Autumn (do you say Autumn of Fall?) we are having some  nice weather really, a bit of rain here in there, in fact alot of rain some days, but the temperature is still quite mild, and when the sun shines its lovely, the light this time of year seems to take on a different quality about it as it starts to get lower in the sky, but the early mornings and evenings are starting to get a little chilly, so time to add some Autumn cosiness to the home.

New cushions from Ikea.

New books to peruse through this Autumn. 

Photography and styling Samantha Stansbridge

As the seasons change what do you like to add to your home to ring in the changes, are you heading into Autumn or Summer?

25 Aug 2011

Colours of Autumn from Cox & Cox

What do you like about the Autumn?  Is it the thought of snuggling up on the sofa in the evenings under a cosy blanket, or the colours and textures that come with the cooler days? 

 Cox & Cox have just released the new Autumn/Winter collection and its getting me in the mood for the arrival of the chiller days, with lovely rustic textures, colours in claret, greens, and velvet browns.

All Images Cox &Cox

Anything here catch your eye?   You can now view the  catalogue on line here which as usual is full of beautifully photographed items for the home.

24 Aug 2011

Kinfolk Magazine

Fabulous photography  from Kinfolk Magazine.

Have you noticed the ever increasing trend for on-line magazines? They are popping up left  right and centre, and the latest to hit the zineasphere is Kinfolk, created by a group of people who like to do nothing more then gather together with family and friends  around a table set for a simple meal and enjoy the simple pleasures in life like great food, the out doors, or creating a simple feast of bread and cheese around an art party in the out doors. Sounds lovely, do you like to table-scape and gather?

Check out the photographers and team here
Brittany Wood
Youngna Park
Jennifer Causey
Jennifer Causey
Youngna Park.

21 Aug 2011

The weekend project.

Hello how is your weekend going, fine I hope, I'm a little under the weather with a summer cold, so this weekend I've been taking it easy on the sofa in between small burst of energy to do a little weekend project and practice my camera skills, oh and my photography results are in.....drum roll please.....I got a B grade!  
As a treat to myself I bought a new scarf in anticipation of the Autumn which will be with us all too soon.   

Photography Me! Samantha Stansbridge,  Scarf
Scarves are one of my favourite accessories in my wardrobe, and I'm sure this stripy one is going to be my new best friend this Autumn, its in a lovely drapy  jersey material and very wide which makes it perfect as a shawl too, and takes an out fit from simple to chic.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

13 Aug 2011

The weekend project, little black lamp.

Welcome to another weekend project.  I bought this little lamp in the sales last week from  B&Q, but once home,  thought that it needed a little something extra, and while  checking out sequins and beads on Ebay, came across some lovely black shell discs and decided to buy them to add to the edge of the lamp shade.  I also picked up some little black beads in town today to go with them.  Simply sew on using a curved needle (I found a curved one better, to fit around the frame of the lamp) push the needle  round the bottom of the shade and through the fabric,  thread the bead on, then the shell, then back through the bead and up into the shade, tie a not and that it! 

9 Aug 2011

Display idea for your budding Picasso's

If you have your little ones home a the moment on the school holidays chances are that the kitchen table has been turned into a creative area in a bid to keep them entertained, and while checking out the IKEA Facebook page, thought that these makes for a great way to display all those little master pieces once the front of the fridge is filled up.  Any budding picasso's out there?

...and keep the holiday spirit going by adding items and post cards from your summer travels to an Ikea curtain wire or string.

5 Aug 2011

A colourful Autumn with Rice.

A pretty table setting with the Italian tableware from Rice

All images Rice
Although I'm busy creating a black and white theme in my living room, I am actually rather drawn to bright colours too, so I'm loving a dose of colour in the new Autumn/winter  catalogue from Rice, which is soon to be available in October.  

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