19 Dec 2010

Scrabble tile picture.

Do you like to decorate with letters?  Just lately I'm finding that they are starting to creep into my home, first with the tea chest and the lovely phrase  'It pays to buy good tea' written across it,  then with the huge letter 'S' that was formally a shop window prop, after that came the chunk of wood that was actually destined for the fire, but ended up on the tea chest, seen in the picture below, and the latest is the scrabble picture also seen here below, the idea for the scrabble picture came from here, a lovely blog well worth a visit.

So when I found a scrabble game at a recent visit to the charity shop I thought I would give it a go, although I would of prefered wooden tiles, over all I'm pleased with the final result.  If you fancy giving it a go yourself,  I have since found out, that you can actually buy wooden scrabble tiles from ebay. Happy Sunday all!

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