1 Sep 2010

Did you turn the straighteners off??

I have been meaning to tell you about this little guy for an absolute age now, truth is he has been doing such a great job at saving my butt that I just wanted to let him do what he does best... switch off the straightening irons when I forget....yes I know such a dangerous thing to do as my Hubby keeps reminding me, and as I keep reminding my two daughters! but I bet we are not the only ones that are guilty of leaving the house with out  checking that the straightener's have been turned off, right?  so I thought that I  would bring this little guy to you attention. 

  We first got to know each other back in July, when I got an email introducing me to the Energenie products here and I wrote a post about the rest of the plug family here, but the 30 minute count down timer really caught my eye,  (and the nice people at energenie4u popped one in the post for me!) its the perfect amount of time for using with the straighteners, if I remember to switch them off I just do that at the main plug, but if I forget, well when the 30 mins are up, then they get switched off automatically, and I can honestly reply to Hubby "yes I did turn the straighteners off honey."  Also useful for anything else that needs switching off after 30 minutes, such as the iron, though if you need it to stay on a bit longer, just press the green button on the front of the plug and the count down begins again.
I thought it would also be a fab little gadget for anyone off to uni this term who had a tendency for leaving things switched on!  What about you whats your guilty,whoops I forgot to turn off the ............

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