9 Aug 2010

The weekend Project, spray paint tin cans.

I was going to say good morning to all my 100 readers, (yes folks I have reached a small, but what feels like significant mile stone) but having just glanced at the clock on my computer  it reads 12.15, so its a good afternoon!  I would just like to start off by saying thank you  to you all for stopping by and pressing the follow button, and thank you for your comments, you have no idea of how giddy it makes me when I get a new follower and a few comments, (picture little girl squeals and dancing about the room...no really I do) so thank you.
Has the weekend been good to you, I hope so.  I have had a bit of a mixed weekend really, my computer has been giving me trouble for a week or so (hence not much blogging around these parts of late), which meant that trying to access the Internet has been a bit of a hit and miss affair, very frustrating to say the least!  It all started when my kaspersky Internet security ran out and I had to update it to the new one, but for some reason my computer just did not like it at all (I'm still XP which might have something to do with it) it took me a week of frustrating,  sometimes successful and sometimes not successful attempts to get on the Internet, before  then deciding to uninstall the Kaspersky, any way long story short and an email to get a refund, I'm now using a different Internet security thing, and I'M BACK! (hopefully)

In between Internet attempts I did do a spot of DIY in the form of some spray painting, something which I have been meaning to to have a bash at for a while because I keep spotting other bloggers using spray paint to transform old ornaments and things around the home to great success, (check out Layla's Mantle at The Lettered Cottage, and the fab tin on the Colour me Pretty post by Leslie over at decor8blog.)  So I bought my self a small can of spray paint and set to work on a couple of tin cans (we are eating a lot of tined food at the moment.. ha ha) finished off with some pretty Japanese tape, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the results.  If you are thinking of having a go your self, don't bother with a small can of spray paint, get your self the full size, because take it from me, once you start spraying things and see the results, you will be looking for more items to transform!

In other news, now I'm happily back on  un-interrupted Internet surfing and blog hoping, I thought it might be fun to have a FACEBOOK page for This Home Sweet Home, so Sunday evening was spent setting that up, you can check out some more photos of my cans along with a few other photos, so feel free to stop by and press the like button, or even say hello! Also after getting an invitation (I did request one) I'm  on Pinterest, you can find the Pinterest button along with the Facebook button on the right  hand side of this blog page. So see you all there! .....STOP THE PRESS. I have also signed up to the Blogging your way e-course run by Holly Becker on Decor8blog, I'm so excited to be on this course, gosh I think this week may be a really good one, hope you have a good one too!

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