27 Aug 2010

Bank holiday weekend project

Here in the UK it will be  long weekend due to a bank holiday on Monday, and every one knows that bank Holidays mean DIY right?  and what a perfect weekend to introduce to you a new section here on This Home Sweet Home, the weekend project, you may recall that I wrote about it here earlier on in the week,  and I'm sure you have plenty of your own ideas, but just in case you need a bit of inspiration here are a few that I found out and about in blog land.

Why not try your hand at this project above using a butterfly punch, and some pretty card, or a heart punch, if you don't have a heart punch an easy way to make sure you get an even heart shape is to draw the heart on a piece of thing card, fold in half and cut around the half of heart on show, then you will get a lovely even heart.

Via here

Or if you fancy doing a spot of sewing how about this tea towel table cloth, great for an informal country look.

If you are feeling really adventurous why not hit the car boots/flea markets and see if you can bag a bargain and a diy project all in one! like this great desk seen on Design* sponge.

This weekend i think I might spray some more tin cans which I recently had a go at here, or having spotted this little shelf project (fab blog by the way, well worth a visit, but you will need google translate) I might have a go at making some myself.  So how about you got any projects you would like to share, why not play along,
Here's what to do:
  • Give your weekend project a name and type this in the Name field below.
  • Link to the post on your blog, just the post not the main page.
and that's it,  Happy Weekend (project)

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