10 Jul 2010

Tips from the designers to the stars.

Recently you may have heard that Gwyneth Paltrow had a temporary home in Nashville  renovated for her and her family while she had been working on filming there, and I have been having a little snoop over at Goop (yes I like reading Goop) to see the results.  Now for starters  I'm pretty sure that what Gwyneth calls a very limited film scale budget is probably more than we ordinary folk would call limited if we were renovating on a budget, but there are a couple of pointers that I picked up from  designer/stylist Annette Joseph. which she used while working on Gwyneth's home, that any cash strapped renovator could find very useful .

Image Annette Joseph blog.

  • Look out for local sample sales and ex show room  for one off pieces, as long as they are in good condition these can be a  great buy and save money.  Gwyneth's bath tub was a floor sample find.
  • Flea markets, car boots and charity shops can throw up some interesting items, great for finding retro and vintage accessories and soft furnishings.  Again in Gwyneth's kitchen the lighting was a flea market find.
  • Check out online stores such as overstock.com for home furniture to make a saving, some items on overstock.com are now available to the UK now, though this is limited to smaller items.  I loved the clear  plastic chairs in the dinning room that Annette found for the family dinning area from overstock.com
  • Re purpose other pieces of  furniture for example one of the pieces that Annette used was an alter piece from India used as a little console table all in the bedroom.
  • Throughout Gwyneth's temporary home, Annette was able to use art work borrowed from galleries, this is probably not an option available to the likes of you and I, but don't let that put you off owning original pieces of art for you home. Recently I have been visiting local auctions, and have been amazed at how cheaply you can pick up original paintings, you may not be buying something painted by a famous artist, but its still an original.
You can see more of the renovation by visiting Goop, and learn more about Annette Joseph here.

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