5 Jul 2010

Lisa Stickley made at home.

A few weeks ago I received  this book, Made at Home (1) by lisa stickley (who I recently wrote about here) and published by Quadrille, and I have been waiting until this week  to tell you about it because of release dates, but its available now, and I'm  eager to share it with you.  made at home, a guide to simple sewing, is just that, and is a great starting point for  anybody thinking of taking up sewing and wanting to embrace the current trends in all things home made.
I love that this unpretentious book has  the feel of almost being some ones school project written in a jotter, probably down to the lined pages, illustrations as well a photographs, and bits of wobbly writing,  but the teacher would be wagging her finger at the lack of any capital letters!  Yes that's right its all written in lower case.  Being a person who frequently forgets these kind of things while writing i kinda like it!

Its an easy to follow book which shows you how to create items such as a tea cosy (2), pretty napkins (3), coat hanger covers (5) and shoe bags, along with slightly more challenging things such as a pouffe, and roman blinds, but all achievable in a weekend.

The book starts by covering the basic such as equipment, basic stitches,  seams, and tips on tackling corners.  I also learnt a tip for making zips look neater in cushions.  The  sewing projects covered are, for the kitchen, for living room, for the bedroom and for the laundry, with handy templates (5) suggested shops and suppliers at the back.

Over the weekend i got out my sewing machine and tried the project for making a little slip cover for those horrible wire coat hangers that I bet every home has hung in the wardrobe, and there it is in picture 5. so much better. 
What i really like about this book is that it doesn't have to be perfect, if you need to add a pleat here and there then do! (for making a bolster)  How many hours have I spent previously trying to get that round bottom to fit just so!

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