23 Jul 2010


Just recently I have been updating my daughters bedroom for her, which is still a work in progress.  A while back I re-painted the pale lilac walls a lovely crisp white (can you believe that it took  me Three coats of white to paint out pale lilac.... that will teach me to buy cheap paint!) as she decided that she wanted a black  white and pink theme to her bedroom.
As I don't have oddles of cash, this mini makeover is being done on the cheap, with items being picked up from places like charity shops, car boot sales and any other place I can get a bargain!

So here are my tips and trick for a mini cheap-o- makeover.

  • The butterfly picture was a car boot sale find for just a few pounds, car boots are a great way to find cheap items.

  • The chest of draws started life as a  set of pine coloured draws which i painted with a white wash paint, (just a bit of emulsion watered down)  not sure but we may do another coat as my daughter is not all together sold on the white wash finish.

  • The Glass knobs where a real bargain as I managed to get seven for £16.00! I had seen some for £6 each, so i was well and truly made up when I bagged these for the draws!

  • The black and white throw was the starting point for the idea, a kind of, hey this looks good in here conversation that got the ball a rollin. 

  • The pink lamp shade was made using some material bought on eBay, and a do-it your-self lamp shade kit.
If your looking for a do-it yourself lamp shade kit, I got mine from www.hunkydoryhome.com, and currently you can find draw knobs and handles form  http://www.bombayduck.co.uk/ who also have a sale on at the moment.

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