24 Jun 2010

The humble pallet board.

image House Doctor blog

This morning I stopped by Decor8 to find that Holly had posted about House Doctor, who are a Danish based interior company, and Holly shared some lovely new products from the up and coming fall 2010 (Autumn to us Brits) collection.  You must stop by House Doctor to flick through the online brochure, its just lovely. 
 Anyway, as I was  a scrolling down, (on Decor8) I came a cross the photo above, and thought to myself  'that little table is just so do-able' (I'm not sure if it is a prop or it is actually sold by House Doctor I couldn't find it in the catalog) and it got me thinking about the humble shipping pallet board and what cab be done with them.  After a quick google around I found the ones below. 

This Coffee table idea is great I'm thinking, stack another one on top to make it higher, great for storage too!

Images above Tatertots and Jello

Image re-nest apartment therapy

I love the day bed ones above, I'm seriously thinking of this in my daughters room, her mattress is currently on the floor.
What do you think, pallet board furniture the way to go?

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