1 Jun 2010

ikea trip

Ever since discovering that there is an Ikea store in Rennes France, just across the channel from my home in Jersey, I just can't get enough of it, an hour long boat trip, followed by roughly 45 mins road trip and bobs your uncle I'm as happy as a Gal could be wandering around the room sets plonking my bottom on just about every sofa in the store, plumping up pillows and pulling out draws, we actually spent a good 4 hours eyeing up the goods, my poor Hubby i really should give him a medal for putting up with me, plus i had to spend his money on account of leaving my purse and all my cards at home by the computer!

Anyway, in no particular order here are a few shots I took as I went around, minus the oohs and ahhs and whoops of delight as i snapped away.

This bedroom setting stood out to me, with its seaside cottage feel, so fresh and simple. What I love about ikea is that the room settings are so do able, you can take ideas and put them into your own home so easily.

The sofa below (Karlstad) is one that I have seen in the Family live magazine and was keen to try it out for comfort and lounge-ability. While it scores OK for comfort, I feel the back could be just that little bit higher, I want to relax on a sofa not feel like I'm sitting in a waiting room.

So much going on in this room setting, i love the huge paper arch lamp (the arch stand is just out of shot) and more storage ideas than you can shake a stick at!

A great space for entertaining.

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  1. IKEA continually amazes me with how wonderfully they decorate their showrooms! I wish we had one close so I could visit and snap pictures like you did. Always so inspiring :)


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