2 Jun 2010

Ikea treats

Now i will be the first to admit that when it comes to my bed...well I like it just that little bit too much. I am defiantly not a jump out of bed and greet the day kind of person, I'm a just five minutes more kind of person, and I really don't sleep very well unless I am tucked up in my own bed, which is a bit of a pain while away from home, so to show my appreciation of my bed (though to be perfectly honest after 20 years+ of service its starting to sag a little in places) I treated it to a new duvet set bought on my recent trip to Ikea, and I have to say I cannot get over how changing a bedding set plus adding a couple of other items can transform the whole feel of a room. I keep catching myself walking by the bedroom just to catch a glimpse of it.....sad I know, but whats a girl to do, it rates up there (almost) with buying cushions and throws.

I picked up two of these little floor rugs for under 2 Euros each, a real bargain!

I like the fact that the duvet cover is reversible, so if you wanted you could use it the other way around, though I like the floral side with just the stripes showing over the top a little.

The pink throw at the bottom of the bed is from Habitat, a lovely summer throw which i already had, and although I hadn't intended to use it with the bedding, its one of those happy accidents that just work well together.

what about you have you got a recent Ikea purchase that you just love, or any quick tips for updating a bedroom or any other room?
More Ikea purchase in the week.


  1. Nothing like a little IKEA to cheer up a room. :) We recently got new bedside tables and it is like a whole new room. :)

  2. I love that Ikea's prices are such that it isn't a huge guilt thing to get a little something new to cheer up a space.
    Last time I was there I got a tiny little plant and it cheers me up to see it!


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