25 Jun 2010

Dress those walls.

When it comes to decorating, I flirt with the idea of Wallpaper even going so far as ordering samples, but its a fleeting affair, preferring to stick to paint as I like to keep my options open, and paint is soo easy to change at the drop of a paint can.  but I have to say that I may be getting charmed once more by the recent fashions and developments in wallpaper.

Take for instance wallpaperdirect,  for Autumn, they will be launching a whole collection of wallpaper populated by people! As the company’s wall coverings expert Melanie Adams explains, "the fascination with people watching has translated into our interiors and continues to grow in popularity"

“The Ferm Living’s Fashion range of wallpaper and vinyl wall stickers focuses on slick silhouettes of posing models to create a strong monochromatic effect that would look great in a dressing room. For brighter accents, the soon to be launched range from Paper Moon injects some true colour into your walls, with designs such as ruby-toned Make Up, showing women with big sunglasses and even bigger hair, and Pets, a pale yellow wall covering of people parading their animal companions.”

For those of you who, like me just can't go all the way with wallpaper, try the cute wall stickers, these owls are just so cute!
So how about you, wallpaper, or paint.

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