30 Jun 2010

Cute paper Balloons

Don't you just love these colourful Japanese paper balloons? I came across them this morning on the delightful online shop of Petra Boase where you can find a whole host of goodies ranging from baby clothes to mugs and tea towels.


1. Owl Note Books
2. Assorted Tea Towels
3. Mugs
5. Children's clothes

25 Jun 2010

Dress those walls.

When it comes to decorating, I flirt with the idea of Wallpaper even going so far as ordering samples, but its a fleeting affair, preferring to stick to paint as I like to keep my options open, and paint is soo easy to change at the drop of a paint can.  but I have to say that I may be getting charmed once more by the recent fashions and developments in wallpaper.

Take for instance wallpaperdirect,  for Autumn, they will be launching a whole collection of wallpaper populated by people! As the company’s wall coverings expert Melanie Adams explains, "the fascination with people watching has translated into our interiors and continues to grow in popularity"

“The Ferm Living’s Fashion range of wallpaper and vinyl wall stickers focuses on slick silhouettes of posing models to create a strong monochromatic effect that would look great in a dressing room. For brighter accents, the soon to be launched range from Paper Moon injects some true colour into your walls, with designs such as ruby-toned Make Up, showing women with big sunglasses and even bigger hair, and Pets, a pale yellow wall covering of people parading their animal companions.”

For those of you who, like me just can't go all the way with wallpaper, try the cute wall stickers, these owls are just so cute!
So how about you, wallpaper, or paint.

24 Jun 2010

The humble pallet board.

image House Doctor blog

This morning I stopped by Decor8 to find that Holly had posted about House Doctor, who are a Danish based interior company, and Holly shared some lovely new products from the up and coming fall 2010 (Autumn to us Brits) collection.  You must stop by House Doctor to flick through the online brochure, its just lovely. 
 Anyway, as I was  a scrolling down, (on Decor8) I came a cross the photo above, and thought to myself  'that little table is just so do-able' (I'm not sure if it is a prop or it is actually sold by House Doctor I couldn't find it in the catalog) and it got me thinking about the humble shipping pallet board and what cab be done with them.  After a quick google around I found the ones below. 

This Coffee table idea is great I'm thinking, stack another one on top to make it higher, great for storage too!

Images above Tatertots and Jello

Image re-nest apartment therapy

I love the day bed ones above, I'm seriously thinking of this in my daughters room, her mattress is currently on the floor.
What do you think, pallet board furniture the way to go?

16 Jun 2010

Kitchen gadgets

What is the one kitchen gadget above all others that you just can't live without? Well a few weeks ago I realised that above all the other gadgets collecting dust in my kitchen cupboard, the one thing I really miss is my normally trusty (had it for years) Braun multimix hand blender, used regularly for blitzing up soups, cake creaming, and blending together the contents for my fish cakes. Well it no longer blends the contents for my fish cakes, this part of the blender has given up on me, and I miss it, the last time I tried to make fish cakes all I got from the blender was a rather strange farting noise, and un-blender fish cake mix, though it seems happy with the other gadget parts for blitzing up soups, and cake creaming! So I am now on the lookout for a new one, and I'm wondering.....should I stick with what I know or should I be brave and see whats out there in the big old world of blenders and blitzers.
Do you have a favourite make that you use time and again or do you like to shop around and see whats new, whats the worst or best kitchen gadget you have ever had?

10 Jun 2010

Hello Monday...

Please ignore the fact that I did not blog much all last week, it was just one of those weeks that seemed to run away with you and before you know it, its the beginning of a whole new week! I hope you all had a fab weekend, I meant to post about these lovely string lamps last week, so......here it is now....
Bright, simple, unique, and affordable that's how Cable and Cotton describe their mini lamp shade balls, and on a wet dull dark typical British summer evening (it rained rather alot last week) I can just picture drawing the curtains early and switching on these beautiful softly glowing mini lamp balls to add a warming cheery glow to the room. But equally on a warm British if your lucky summer evening, as the sun starts to go down, they look just as nice giving off there gently glow in the garden.
The ball lamps are made from cotton which lend them selves to the lovely soft glow that are available in a 20 and 35 string combination, and available as pre-selected or have fun picking your own colour combination. Here are my combinations (below) that I tried out, a red pinky colour way, and a refreshing citrus colour way.

7 Jun 2010

Ikea Beloved Homes

All images frpm the Beloved Homes book

Today I thought I would share a few pages of my Ikea book that I mentioned over the weekend.
It show cases 9 much loved homes in the Scandinavian style.
photographed by Stellan Herner

4 Jun 2010

Yet more Ikea treats

It sounds so romantic in french, Des amours De Maison, which when translated means beloved Home. Unfortunately I don't read French very well which is very bad of me considering I live practically a stones throw from France, its just as well that I can get away with not being able to read the contents of this book, as each photograph paints a thousand inspiring words. 

I also bought some new cupcake tea towels, which I'm having trouble using as they are just  too pretty for drying dishes with.

its the weekend!

Well the weekend is upon us and it looks set to be a fabulous one weather wise, perfect for strawberries and ice cream, and plenty of relaxing...have a great one too, blog you next week!

2 Jun 2010

Ikea treats

Now i will be the first to admit that when it comes to my bed...well I like it just that little bit too much. I am defiantly not a jump out of bed and greet the day kind of person, I'm a just five minutes more kind of person, and I really don't sleep very well unless I am tucked up in my own bed, which is a bit of a pain while away from home, so to show my appreciation of my bed (though to be perfectly honest after 20 years+ of service its starting to sag a little in places) I treated it to a new duvet set bought on my recent trip to Ikea, and I have to say I cannot get over how changing a bedding set plus adding a couple of other items can transform the whole feel of a room. I keep catching myself walking by the bedroom just to catch a glimpse of it.....sad I know, but whats a girl to do, it rates up there (almost) with buying cushions and throws.

I picked up two of these little floor rugs for under 2 Euros each, a real bargain!

I like the fact that the duvet cover is reversible, so if you wanted you could use it the other way around, though I like the floral side with just the stripes showing over the top a little.

The pink throw at the bottom of the bed is from Habitat, a lovely summer throw which i already had, and although I hadn't intended to use it with the bedding, its one of those happy accidents that just work well together.

what about you have you got a recent Ikea purchase that you just love, or any quick tips for updating a bedroom or any other room?
More Ikea purchase in the week.

1 Jun 2010

ikea trip

Ever since discovering that there is an Ikea store in Rennes France, just across the channel from my home in Jersey, I just can't get enough of it, an hour long boat trip, followed by roughly 45 mins road trip and bobs your uncle I'm as happy as a Gal could be wandering around the room sets plonking my bottom on just about every sofa in the store, plumping up pillows and pulling out draws, we actually spent a good 4 hours eyeing up the goods, my poor Hubby i really should give him a medal for putting up with me, plus i had to spend his money on account of leaving my purse and all my cards at home by the computer!

Anyway, in no particular order here are a few shots I took as I went around, minus the oohs and ahhs and whoops of delight as i snapped away.

This bedroom setting stood out to me, with its seaside cottage feel, so fresh and simple. What I love about ikea is that the room settings are so do able, you can take ideas and put them into your own home so easily.

The sofa below (Karlstad) is one that I have seen in the Family live magazine and was keen to try it out for comfort and lounge-ability. While it scores OK for comfort, I feel the back could be just that little bit higher, I want to relax on a sofa not feel like I'm sitting in a waiting room.

So much going on in this room setting, i love the huge paper arch lamp (the arch stand is just out of shot) and more storage ideas than you can shake a stick at!

A great space for entertaining.

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