12 May 2010

To match or not to match?

When it comes to your dinning chairs so they all match or do you like to mix things a little? In our house most of the time they match, but when we have guest over or all the family for a meal, well we have to start collecting up different seating from all parts of the house, we have been known to have used a small folding step ladder before now!

Made by Girl

Apartment Therapy

source escapes me at the moment

Personally I like the last picture, all slightly similar but all slightly different, that white chair in the middle...I have one just like that. Charity/thrift shops are a great place to find such finds as these. So how about you, to match or not to match?

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  1. I love both looks - matching and non-matching. Right now my chairs all match, but I'm envisioning at some point in the future creating a bench for seating at the table, which would really break up the matching chairs. Love the inspiration photos you found. :)


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