13 May 2010

Spotting a trend.

I have noticed that advertising posters are making there way onto the walls of our homes more so lately, anything from movie star bill board posters of Audrey Hepburn films, to 70s sun tanning creams. If you can get the real thing all the better, and great places to look for them are in auctions, charity/thrift shops, and house clearance sales. The top poster (above) is from an online shop called Zazzle and has a large selection of advertising style posters. well worth a ganders.
A few years back we went to visit Annecy in France, very beautiful place to visit, right on the lake, and i remember seeing lots of skiing posters around as souvenirs, I only wish I had bought some home with me. St. Malo too also usually has pretty advertising posters pasted to the walls of the streets and shops, there is always something going on in the summer months to be advertising about, next time I go over I will see if I can peel one or two off the walls and bring them home.
What about you, do you have any fab posters on your walls at home, maybe something picked up from your holidays, or found in a thrift shop?

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